Couple o’ things.

1. My computer is all fixed! It’s so nice and thank you back up drives! I encourage you to get one!

2. We got snow! Like an inch.. But oh well!

3. We’re having pancakes for breakfast. This is very important for you to know.

4. MT proposed to me last night! We’re getting married!

5. I think I finally had a dream. Which will be turned into a story.

Now this post may look long, and it might be. Here’s a more button that you can press:

Which means I need victims- I mean characters. *insert evil laugh here*

So, you may want a slight idea on what this story is about, right?

Basic word: Buggies, and I don’t mean the cars. I mean huge (by huge I mean the size of those VMW bugs), gooey, spikey, and gross bugs!

You’re stuck in a forest in the future some odd years. Giant insects have taken over, everyone has a special skill, and they work together to fight the bugs and take samples back to a lab at a camp.

Food is not a problem, surviving is.

I already have a twist at the end, that may or may not happen. I’ll prolly tell at least one of you…

But I need characters! So I can start!

Name: (First and last at least! Please!)

Eye color: (Not to outrageous guys. No purples, unless you specifically say they wear contacts.)

Age: (Teenagers please. But I’d appreciate it if one of you would make an older one, ahem, a wiser character for later.)

Height: (If not mentioned in physical appearance)

Physical appearance: (Pictures are okay, as well as a written format. Just be really descriptive.)

Personality: (Descriptive please, enough so that I can get you’re character right. :3 Also tell me how you’re character would act in a life threatening situation!)

Physical attribute/skill: (Ex: Abnormal strength, flexibility, extreme senses, ability to see in the dark. Physical. Not mental, well. Say a mental one and I’ll okay it if it works. NO HEAT VISION. xD)

Fears: (Anything.)

Relationship status: (Talk with people on here to determine! It doesn’t have to be a love one either, it can be best friends as well.)

History: (Optional, and if you do make one, you can choose whether or not you want people to know it in the story or not.)

On the physical attribute part, Speed and ability to jump far are taken. By whom, you’re wondering? These guys!

Name: Autumn Lake

Eye color: Amber

Age: 16

Height: 5’8

Physical appearance: Dyed Crimson curls/ringlets (Natural hair color is light brown), always wears it up in a high ponytail. Fair skin and plump red lips. Has a slash down the middle of her back, very lanky, wears a bracelet saying what she’s allergic to. Has faint scars on her arms. Has a soft voice.

Personality: Very shy and hardly talks. Autumn isn’t very quick to trust people unless it’s a life threatening situation, and even then the trust doesn’t stay. Very intelligent, but again, never speaks up to voice her opinion unless she feels its absolutely needed.

Physical attribute/skill: Speed, and with her speed comes stamina. She’s not just speedy in running, she’s quick to put get in hits on those buggies.

Fears: Wasp-like creatures. Anything with stingers basically.

Relationship Status: Single and doesn’t have many friends to start. (You’ll see why.)

History: Will be said in time.


Name: Reid Callus

Eye color: Light blue

Age: 16, almost 17

Height: 6’2

Physical appearance: Tan skin, white blond hair that spikes up. Toned muscles, lots of scars on his legs from picking blackberries for everyone. Angular face. Has a loud voice.

Personality: Very loud, but caring. Is always available to help, speaks up all the freaking time. Is very commanding and calm in a life threatening situation.

Physical attribute/skill: Can jump far and fairly high, doesn’t always require a running start. (He is so a bunny rabbit. A SOFT CUDDLY BUNNY RABBIT)

Fears: The camp and all his friends will die.

Relationship Status: Has plenty of friends, and is single at the moment.

History: He blabs about it all the time, you’ll hear it.

Anyways, I need characters, and I need them now! I’ll post them up here once you comment. :3


30 thoughts on “Couple o’ things.

  1. 1. Yay!!!!! *bothers on Tumblr and Gmail and stuff*

    2. Haha, we did too! It melted within several hours and we didn’t have school! ^^ YAY SNOW!!!

    3. Yum, pancakes. They are a very important issue.

    4. *gasps* *plays wedding tune* Congrats! ^^

    5. Cool, dreams into stories are always the best. c:

    Er…I hope it’s okay for me to make a new character later! *brain dedz*

    1. That’s absolutely fine! I just need it done before I can finish the first chapter.

      I’ll tell you how it goes if you get on gmail. :3


  2. Yay, I’m glad your computer is better! ^^ And I agree–back up drives are totally awesome. I copied all of my music onto mine–unfortunately, I wasn’t smart enough to do that BEFORE my new computer, so we went through many weeks’ worth of grief trying to get all my files back ^^”

    OMT. Lucky! It’s HOT where I live. IT DOESN’T MAKE SENSE TT_TT

    Aha, pancakes do play a large part in our lives!

    OMT!! Congratulations! ^^ When’s the wedding?–although, if you want, you can keep this information to yourself: I wouldn’t blame you for not inviting me ^^”

    Yay, dreams are awesome!

    Would you mind if I made a character? ^^”

    Name: Meggie (or just “Meg”) Patrick

    Eye color: Blue-grey

    Age: 18

    Height: Medium height

    Physical appearance: She has long, dark hair; it’s brown for the most part, but has a reddish tint to it. She usually keeps her hair tied up in a practical fashion, like a loose bun or ponytail. She’s a bit on the chunky side, but not so much that it impairs her movement. She has very dry, calloused hands, and more than her fair share of burn-scars.

    Personality: She is very mature for her age and can be rather stand-offish, but she is by no means snooty. She doesn’t feel superior to those younger than her, and willingly jokes around with them. But when there’s serious business to attend to or she’s around those her own age, she acts very composed and stern.

    Life threatening situation: She would keep her cool, try to evacuate as many people as possible, and try to defeat the menace herself. If it was more than she could handle, she wouldn’t be afraid to ask for help from some of the older children.

    Physical attribute/skill: She is VERY good with her hands–before they became stranded in a forest, she was a sculptor. She can visualize things in her head and then make them easily. If she needs a super power, it would probably be along the lines of being able to control or mold soft materials (like clay or mud).

    Fears: She’s deathly afraid of dolls (she had a bad experience with one as a child), but other than that, she’s pretty open minded.

    Relationship status: She sees herself as an elder-sister type role to all the kids younger than her.

    History: Nothing of interest (You can add something, if you want! ^^)

    Feel free to change her as you need to, or to not use her at all!

    Also, if you need any guy characters, let me know! ^^ I love making dude characters!

    1. The wedding is sometime in February! I’m so excited! ^-^

      Meg sounds so cool! I can’t wait to write. >3<

      Making guy characters would be much obliged at this point!

  3. Name: Matt Icharus

    Eye color: Hazel

    Age: 16

    Height: 5’8, but he slouches, so he looks shorter.

    Physical appearance: On the thin side, always wears cargo pants. He has dirty-blonde hair that usually stays pretty neat, even though he hardly ever combs it or anything.

    Personality: He laughs a lot and is just generally a fun and goofy person. However, he is easily frustrated by neophytes and people who are outright disrespectful. He can hold a grudge for quite some time! He’s also pretty superstitious, but still pretty intelligent.

    Physical attribute/skill: He has a photographic memory and is a good sketcher, so he often goes out and tries to take down data about the bugs. As for a supernatural power, it would probably be teleporting things (Of a smaller size, of course ^^” So he couldn’t teleport the bugs or anything!)

    Fears: He hates feeling like a fool or feeling inexperienced. He also doesn’t like heights or lightning.

    Relationship status: He’s single at the moment, but I’m open to him dating–they would have to be a good character match, though; otherwise he might get rather upset with them ^^”

    History: I honestly have no idea–he doesn’t really need one, he’s just kind of an average Joe who got caught up in the mess ^^” If you want to add one, go ahead!

  4. Backup files are nice to have. They’re lifesavers.

    Oh my gosh. When’s the wedding? I gotta have access to a computer for this.

    I may or may not make a character later. *Laziness*

  5. Yay! For computers getting fixed!

    Aw. Well, at least it is snow. We have no snow down here -_-

    Yaaay! Congrats! Wait. I am confused..any who congrats! 😀

    Sounds cool mind if I make one? If you need another boy I can make another one!

    Name: Miranda Rutter
    Eye color: Vibrant Sea Green
    Age: 16

    Height: On the tall side. Around 5’ 10
    Physical appearance: She has long jet black hair with bright blue highlights which leaves out. Her shoulders are very broad and her face is set into a more of an oval shape. She is more on the skinny side made up of long, strong legs. She is very pale almost as a ghost pale. She tends to wear more gothy/punk clothing. She is not considered stunningly beautiful but alright.

    Personality: Miranda is very rebellious and will almost anything to look different on the crowd. She always prefers thinking something out with logic than just doing it. She is very jumpy and hyper at times. She has a more of a serious aura to her but you won’t oftenly see her with a smile. She is more of a pessimist.

    Life Threatening Situation: She would probably think everything through and get some people to help her. She would create a plan on a piece of paper and use logic to find her way through.

    Physical attribute/skill: She has amazing strategy and logic. She is very observant and good at noticing things. She kind of strong.

    Fears: (Anything.) Heights or anything to do with the sky. She is frightened of flying or climbing.
    Relationship status: If it is OK with Nireth I think she would be good paired up with Matt. ^^. She is not that friendly.

    History: Her parents died in a car crash so she is pretty cruel to the world.

    1. The problem that I bring up is that Matt and Miranda are complete opposites… Miranda is a pessimist, and Matt is a goof (No offense to Matt!).

      In the real world they don’t get along.. One tries to bring one to smile, and the other just denies him…

      Love Miranda tho! She seems cool!

      And making another guy character would be great. 😀

      1. No offense taken! ^^ I personally tend to fall for goofballs (Hiccup! ^^)

        I’m really sorry, but I’d have to agree with Batcat on this one ^^” (By the way, I’m impressed by the understanding you’ve gained of the characters already! ^^)

        Hm… maybe if Matt somehow brought out a happy part in her to light it would work! But, in my mind, Matt would have to be paired with someone good-humored and willing to laugh with him. (Heh, I should probably add that to the description ^^”)

        But, of course, it IS up to Batcat in the end! ^^

        1. Hiccup is a very cool Goofball!

          Yay! I’m glad I understand them as well, otherwise it would be difficult to write. See, I already have some thoughts planned in my head about how Miranda and Meg will act towards Autumn, plus Matt will give all three of them wet willies…

          I’m sure we’ll find someone for Matt! Maybe someone will long blond hair that glows? ^-^

  6. *insert new comment*

    I understand. *shakes head* I understand completely.

    And chapter 1 is in the process! But I really need more characters guys!

      1. Have a scientist/someone that stays in the lab would be great! Thanks a lot!

        And if you want to make someone that Matt would like that’s okay too!

        Btw, you think Reid and Matt would be good friends? They’re both goofs….

        Reid: HEY!!!

        Me: Well it’s true!

        1. Sure, I think they’d really be great friends! ^^

          I feel kind of bad about making a ton of characters, so maybe I could type something up, but if someone else wants to submit something similar you could replace mine with theirs?

          It’s all up to you, really! ^^

  7. If you end up needing more characters, these are here for backup!

    If you are considering making a character, please ignore this comment! ^^”

    If you don’t, feel free to completely discard them! ^^ I feel bad for making so many! TT_TT

    Optional Characters!:

    Name: Daniel Finnik

    Eye color: Dark brown, almost black; very piercing.

    Age: 17

    Height: He’s pretty tall; maybe around six feet?

    Physical appearance: Tan skin, wavy dark hair; he has a very strong-cut jaw and is on the hefty side, although it’s more muscle than fat.

    Personality: He’s more of a do-er than a thinker; he likes to follow instructions. When he is left without instructions, he gets overwhelmed and makes poor decisions. He is also very strong, physically, and is very capable with manual work. He’s often bitingly sarcastic, but he never means to hurt anyone’s feelings. He’s also highly competitive.

    Life-threatening situation: He would wait for instruction, and if provided with none, would kind of go Berserker on the enemy and randomly attack, without any plan at all. (This is why he stays in the lab; he’s not to be trusted in battle)

    Physical attribute/skill:He has very good endurance and is very strong. If he had to have a super power, it would probably be immunity to pain (which can also be a HUGE vice, as he wouldn’t be aware of whether or not he had a fatal wound)

    Fears: Letting people around him down, not living up to expectations; he’s also afraid of heights.

    Relationship status: If it’s O.K. with Jem, I think he’d have a crush on Miranda (Or, at least, she’d balance him out)! ^^ He probably doesn’t care much for Matt, but respects his ability to take down information. But anything is O.K., really! ^^ I’m not the best judge of character.

    History: As a child, he was constantly lauded for his academic achievements. But as he got older and had to do more stuff on his own, he started freaking out and, basically, had a mental breakdown. He got better, but still has an inferiority complex.

    Character 2:

    Name: Wynn Harper

    Eye color: Dull green

    Age: 15 (almost sixteen)

    Height: 5’5

    Physical appearance: Caramel-brown hair that always seems to be wild, no matter how much she brushes it; she’s a little on the thin side but has a round face. She likes to wear blue, if she can manage it.

    Personality: She’s a pacifist. She is very tolerant and patient; she loves to laugh, but is very bad at telling jokes. She’s a bit of a Cloud Cuckoolander, and often says things that make no sense. Despite her nonsense, she’s actually pretty smart and competent; she’s quick to think on her feet. She can be annoyingly loyal (“Clingy” would be the better word.), as well.

    Life Threatening Situation: She’d probably try to negotiate with the enemy. If it didn’t kill her right there and then, she’d probably fall back and let someone else lead the attack, but she’d watch their back and help them out.

    Physical attribute/skill: She’s not good with heavy weapons, but she has really good aim and very steady hands (she’d be better with a crossbow or something, but she NEVER shoots to kill), but her main skill is remembering earlier events/details and making connections. If she had a super power, it would be super good eyesight or something rather silly.

    Fears: She’s terrified of beans (She says she can’t tell which ones are actually spider eggs (???)), and–though she’d never admit it–is pretty scared of the dark. But, other than that, she’s kind of stupidly fearless.

    Relationship status: She REALLY looks up to Meg and loves to hang out with her. Wynn might also look up to Miranda, but I don’t know how much Miranda would like that. She’ll probably be pretty close friends with Reed and Matt; she’d have a crush on Matt, but this is where I place it in your judgement! ^^ You have a better understanding of my characters than I do myself!

    History: Just an average Jane!

    Feel free to change them (and ESPECIALLY to not use them, as I’ve already created two other characters ^^”)! I cannot stress enough that you do not have to use them if you don’t want to! I don’t want to dominate the story with my crummy characters ^^”

    I honestly cannot wait for this story!! AWESOMENESSS!

    I want to draw all the characters, but–alas! I have to write an annotated bibliography TT_TT

  8. Making character, but I’m brain dead right now =[

    Name: Samson Hills

    Eye color: Gray

    Age: 15

    Height: 5’9”

    Physical appearance: curly black hair, blue eyes…and I hate to reference Nick Jonas, but imagine him with blue eyes, and lighter skin.

    Personality: Humble, down to Earth, doesn’t like to boast, nice, quite, underestimates people, won’t stick to something destined to fail, doesn’t have as much faith as the regular person, not much perseverence
    Life Threatening Situation: accesses scene, thinks of multiple strategies and his strengths, uses them. Always calm, keeps his head. If he accidentally slips up, and there’s almost certain dead, he gives up. Sees things extremely realistically.

    Physical attribute/skill: Jumps really high, incredible aim

    Fears: dead, and bad things happening to the world from his decisions? (he’s a very good nice person), bears, bees, dying, deaths, risk

    Relationship status: not sure at the moment…

    History: not sure at the moment…

  9. This is ST by te way. I just dont feel like login out.

    Name: Janice Armstrong

    Eye color: Icy blue

    Age: Nineteen

    Height: Tallish

    Physical appearance: Janice has long white blond hair, which she straightens. She’s naturally tall, and has a scowl on her face naturally. Usually, she wears her hair down, and tends to dress in fashiony clothes. 

    Personality: arrogant, very selfish, tends to be rude to everyone, dates guys just to dump them, and in a life threatening situation she’d offer someone else’s life as long as they spare hers. She’s really smart, but not easy to get along with, despite her leadership qualities. 

    Physical attribute/skill: Is extremely flexible, and if it’s okay, can glare in a way that makes you uncomfortable

    Fears: Spiders? xD

    Relationship status: anyone as long as she can boss them around and/or dump them

    History: Um.. Not really any. 

  10. I’m probably just going to reuse a character since I can’t make any more. .-.

    Name: Amelia Rosewood

    Eye color: Light blue

    Age: 17

    Height: 5 feet 7 inches

    Physical appearance: Long and layered strawberry-blonde hair, fair skin, not quite buff but still athletic looking.

    Personality: Amelia’s a butt kicking person. She takes crap from no one. She’s not a “tough cookie”, or a typical, bitter and violent person, but she’s headstrong and likes to take the course of action. She’s still sensible and able to keep a level head. She can be easily manipulated, though, as she finds herself able to trust anyone. She’s also very insistent, so if you tell her to go in one course of action, she’ll ignore you and choose her own. Think Charlotte Branwell!

    In a life-threatening situation, she’d stand and fight. She has issues with giving up, so it’s rare for her to run.

    Physical attribute/skill: Fast runner, charming. Don’t mess with her either, you might find yourself lacking several limbs. Supernatural ability is not necessarily invisibility, but she can give the impression that she’s not there. Particularly strong people can see through her manipulation.

    Fears: Failure, being defeated, dishonesty, betrayal

    Relationship status: Single at the moment.

    History: Meh.

  11. Name: Anita Duvont.

    Eye color: Dark chocolate, full of emotion, but undecodable by everyone.

    Age: 16.

    Height: 6 feet.

    Physical appearance: Anita has a tall, slender figure. She has tan skin and bust-length, straight, black hair. (Well, it looks like black, but when it’s in the sun you’ll see that’s it’s really dark brown.) She has a Spanish face because she was born in Spain (complete with a Spanish accent). It’s a beautiful face, but usually vacant of expression.

    Personality: A cold girl. She’s a smart cookie and likes to help herself only. Her favourite phrase is, “Every man for himself,” even though she’s working with the others to kill the buggies and everything. She’s cold and hardly speaks to anyone, but she’s not shy. She’s tough as nails (but I want her to have a crying episode when everyone discovers her history) and doesn’t like the concept of friends. In a life-threatening situation, she’d go to the closest safe place and think of a smart strategy, then she’d get out of that hiding place and carry her plan through.

    Physical attribute/skill: The ability to turn invisible.

    Fears: Death, lions.

    Relationship status: Well, I don’t really want mah Spanish girl to have any friends because she’s so cold.

    History: Short and sharp. Bed-time. She went to the zoo with her parents and wanted to go past the boundaries of the lion exhibit. They said it was too dangerous. Angry and young, she pushed her parents into an opening. The lions gulped them down one-by-one. SInce then, Anita became cold and vacant, believing she had killed her own parents. (Make everyone find out her story later!)


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