Character submission for Fanfic.

Kay, I know I need to do a LOT of stuff before I get writing stories, but I just had this idea… It’s a Hunger Games Fanfic. That’s all ima say right now, but I need characters. These will be the other participants of this story. Remember to say if they’re allies with someone else. If you submit from Districts 1,2 or 4, they WILL be in the Carrer group. District 5 girl is taken.

Age: (12-18)
Allie with another charcter?
Fights best with:
Strategy in arena:
Any other notes:

The maximum amount of characters recieved will be 23. You can make up to 2 characters. Read the other comments. Remember, the maximum amount Of girls submitted is 11.
I think that’s all, I’ll update if I remember anything.

Update: Um, well, you can submit until the twentieth. Yeah. Um, that’s all.


10 thoughts on “Character submission for Fanfic.

  1. A Hunger Games fanfic sounds really awesome! ^^

    I might not make a character though, because districts matter a TON to me and I’m primarily District 5, so it’ll take a while before I can think up a character for a certain other district…hmm…it might take a bit! ^^;

  2. District 3, name Loriledea Kors, age 16.
    Ally with..well, anyone who’d take her to be their ally, really……As long as she’s sure she can trust them……
    Fights best with any sort of electricity-based attack, and is very good at sneaking up on people and shocking them with electricity, although she’s smart and knows how to use whatever’s there to her advantage. Her weapon would probably be a metal rod, and she uses it for different things- especially hitting people in the head with it….

    She’s six feet five inches tall with rectangular glasses, and she has hazel eyes that seem to have slivers of bright yellow in them (I have some yellow in my eyes sometimes when I look in the mirror, so the tiny flecks of yellow in her eyes are natural, okay?) and her hair is dark brown and chunky, like it was unevenly cut for some reason.

    Back in district 3 she used to try to blow things up and use lightning to destroy things for fun. She would probably not try to join the Careers, but instead, try to destroy them. She doesn’t really have any plant knowledge although she’s pretty good with camouflage, and she has very minor knowledge on healing (as in she knows what a bandaid is but thinks it can fix everything).

    …I just came up with this randomly, change the character as much as you like.

    1. Also, I forgot to add that she thinks destroying things and people is fun. Not funny, just fun. She’s not necessarily cruel, just has a problem understanding what exactly harm IS… Although she has this way of getting bruises really easily. She’s really good at getting hurt…….
      But anyways, the more powerful her opponent is, the more she delights in the challenge of destroying them(which is why she’d just LOVE to destroy careers, but MIGHT attempt to protect her “weaker” opponents if asked to).
      And she definatly can’t swim, although she might be able to climb well.

      Er, she might look a little like this (Yeah, I just attempted to draw her with the description I wrote.. o.o *shivers* I don’t wanna be in the same room as her now D:) :

  3. I apologize in advance if this character gets a bit silly!

    Also, feel free to make them minor characters! I tried to design them as such ^^”

    Name: Aderyn Langstin (But she goes by the name “Birdie” because of her slight figure and penchant to run away from danger.

    Age: 14

    District: 11

    Allie with another charcter?: Possibly in an indirect fashion; because she leaves food stashed everywhere, that could be an advantage for some characters. Also, if someone’s nice to her, she’ll undoubtedly be nice back to them.

    Appearance: She’s thin, but not painfully so; she’s just naturally small-boned. She has dull brown hair that’s cut about the length of her jaw and is irregularly fluffy.

    Fights best with: She tries to avoid fights, but when cornered she just kind of beats at her aggressor with whatever she had on-hand.

    Strategy in arena: Run and hide!! If she finds food, she is sure to tuck away as much as she can in a safe place where she knows she can find it later.

    Any other notes: She is good at finding food, which she stores away most of the time. She has a good sense of direction.

    And a dude, too! (If that’s O.K. ^^”)

    Name: Colton Bonnis (This name doesn’t have to be mentioned)

    Age: 17

    District: 6

    Allie with another charcter?: He often forges alliances (with good intentions), but he’s quick to abandon them when a better opportunity opens up or when he wants to move into a different area of the arena.

    Appearance: Thick-neck, rather muscular; short, blonde hair; almost a buzz-cut.

    Fights best with: Ropes (he uses them like a whip) or his fists.

    Strategy in arena: He doesn’t really have a strategy; he just wanders the arena, making peace with those who wish for peace and fighting those who don’t wish for peace. He would rather not kill anyone, though.

    Any other notes: He’s fickle and he’s kind of a coward.

    Feel free to change anything about them/correct them for accuracy (I can’t remember much about the districts ^^”)/not use these characters! ^^

    Thanks for letting us submit these! I know your story is going to rock!

  4. Name: Whittnae Trabson
    Age: 15
    District: 12
    Allies with another charcter? Yes, for as long as possible before it gets so empty in the arena that they can’t work together anymore
    Appearance: Scraggly black hair, olive skin, and gray eyes. Very skinny from lack of being fed and often wears baggy clothing. About 5’5 and weighs 120 pounds.
    Fights best with: blowdart gun
    Strategy in arena: To hide if there are stronger tributes about, but to attack if there are weaker. Leave hidden traps about in case someone walks into them that she can later go back and kill. To get food, she uses the same method just mentioned
    Any other notes: She volunteers simply because she has been depressed about her current condition of life and wishes to escape. She sees it would be better to be dead, but it would be good to win too, so she’s trying.

  5. Kewl idea!

    Name: Kelly Evergreen

    Age: 13
    District: 4

    Allie with another character? She is very friendly so she would be friendly with everyone. But would only keep a few friends and ditch the rest to win the games.

    Appearance: She is on the small side and very petite. She has large brown eyes and tan skin. She has short brown hair with natural red highlights which dot her hair. She looks very innocent but is deadly.

    Fights best with: A spear or a mace.

    Strategy in arena: Make alliances and kill them off. And look like an innocent girl.

    Any other notes: She looks like an innocent young small girl but will do anything and slay anyone to win the games. She wants to win the whole thing for her mom who raised her by herself.

  6. Name: David (Tennant..jk) Shoals

    Age: 12

    District: 10 (livestock)

    Allie with another character? It’s very extremely hard to gain his trust. Even if it may seem as if he trusts you, ninety percent of the time she doesn’t.

    Appearance: average height, lithe, red-brown thick hair, varying shades of dark green eyes, prominent cheekbones, tan clear skin

    Fights best with: he’s better with light weapons that don’t effect his agility and maneuverability, so light swords, daggers, darts, arrows..etc

    Strategy in arena: he’s quick and sneaky. Follow the others, and quickly slit their throats. Or bait them, and out run them until they’re exhausted, and quickly dance forward and stab, and run away. He’s got endurance. Maybe try to befriend an animal, because he’s from district ten and all.

    Any other notes: he likes a clean finish, and is good with telling poison from harmless. He can’t stand bloodshed’s. He usually doesn’t hurt his opponent in any way (ex. scratches, bruises) except to deliver a blow to the heart or throat, simply because he lacks the ability to hit without being hit. His forte is wrestling.

    1. I’ve decided to make a second charactor.. =D

      Name: Don Holden

      District: 8

      Alliances? He likes to have one partner, but no more. One that can help him survive, but he can easily best.

      Appearance: Blond, fluffy hair. Strong, tall, but slightly hunched, blue eyes

      Fights best with: um…mace? double bladed axe? crossbow?

      Strategy: Great with people, usually can tell if someone’s weak, sees right though people if they’re trying to hide something/appear weak, lets on less than he knows. He uses this to find out people’s weaknesses before the arena. Once in the arena, he cleverly fights. And fights strong. Sometimes recklessly.

      Any other notes: He already knows and seems to take it for granted that he isn’t going to win, so turns into a deadly killing machine, hoping to the most people before he dies. If you want, he could secretly like one of the girls, so that would be his weakness.

  7. Save me a tribute spot. Preferably in 12 or 4. [It’s like, 4:00 in the morning right now. I’ll make my character later.]

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