The Whiny Baby Post

MYERGH. So I’m going to complain now! TT_TT

I may not be on much because I’ve got a lot of school work! But after we’re done with our essay, I should be in the (kind of) clear!

Hm, this post is rather short. ^^”


Yes, I can’t think of anything else to put TT_TT


The results from the polls I posted a while ago are these:

The change to Nireth will be: She will be an awesome, trained fighter, but she will only be able to fight when she’s asleep (With the joke option coming in close second! ^^”). She’ll also have a wardrobe change!

I’ll probably post potential dresses later, when I have more time! I’ve already sketched out a few that I’m rather fond of.

So I’m REALLY sorry for my absence/laziness! I’ll try to get back to posting regularly as soon as possible!


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