The Things I Didn’t Know Song

Rebecca Black made a new single!
I didn’t know that!
Wonder Woman is a Greek amazon!
I didn’t know that!
Oh why oh why I never knew this?
Why oh why am I such far behind in life??

Temple Run is the game everyone’s playing.
I didn’t know that!
The thing I was looking for was in my backpack all along!
What’s the point of this song?
To think of things I didn’t know before!

… well, that’s it for now in the song. This is what happens when I get bored. And seriously, I didn’t know this stuff until either a few days ago or today!

Why oh why am I so far behind in life?!

BT out from discovering another Greek Chic thing!

… yeah I know this was a pointless random post.


3 thoughts on “The Things I Didn’t Know Song

  1. No! Rebecca Black Strikes Again!

    I don’t even know what the heck Temple Run is… I’m so oblivious to the Video Game world.

    I love learning new stuff about Greek Mytholgy. Their way of explaining the world is more interesting than Science, anyway…

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