8 of Spades Chapter 4

My hearts a stereo, it beats for you so listen close, hear my thoughts in every note.

Back to work I went. I ran down the side streets to wear our next show was, in a nice abandoned warehouse.

Wonderful. It was full of dust and cobwebs, and Ace. WAIT?!

Ace?! He wasn’t supposed to be here! He saw me and winked before going to his seat. If he had to get up here again…

“Get over here Kat! I need help setting up something!” Ray called, I tied up the rest of my boot, and walked over to him. He was leaning against a pole.

“Come here and look out into the audience.” He invited, I shot him a look but moved the curtain aside. All the seats were filled! We had never had a show this big! I moved the curtain back and looked at Ray.

“Big crowd.” He ran his hand through his hair, a sign he was nervous, and took me to the hair and make-up station.

“So, I asked around in the audience on why they were here.”

“And?” I gently let my hair fall out of its clip. I hardly ever wore my hair down. I set a side part on it, and fishtail braided it on the left side. I saw Ray nod in the mirror and he continued.

“Well, the ones that are regulars, told their friends there was a new person, Ace, and they wanted to see him. Word got around, and look at the crowd!” My jaw dropped. Ace was the reason they came?!

“Well, technically, they liked the kiss.” Ray said hesitantly. I stood up and checked my card deck.

“Uh.. No cards tonight Kat… Sorry!” Ray disappeared and I was left to figure out what the heck was happening. I tied a large red ribbon to my neck to complete my outfit, consisting of a dark cloak with spades at the bottom, combat books, dark jeans and a button up white shirt.

Ray had come back, pulling Ace along with him.

“Think of an act that includes kissing each other!” Ray disappeared again and left us alone.

“Just so you know, I did not plan this.” Ace stated. I sighed and messed with my braid.

“I know you didn’t.” I looked at him. He was wearing a blue jacket with dark ripped jeans. He had a rimmed beanie on, which completed the look. His eyes were especially light.

“I could always hypnotize Ray, if you want.” Ace said lightly. I was about to shake my head when I heard a scream. One of the make up artists was screaming and pointing to a body lying on the ground. It was Ray!

“Quick! Get him to a hospital!” I yelled, the show would have to wait. A few of our guards took him out to the car and the boss closed the show. I told them that I would clean up. Ace watched the whole scene in silence.

“I’ll help you if you want.” Ace said to me while I pushed a table to a dark hallway. I nodded, and kept pushing. Ace was instantly by me, arms on either sides so he could push the table. When we pushed the last table over into the hallway, we started on the costumes. Those were easy, all we had to do was roll them into the hallways.

We finished putting everything away within 40 minutes, when we were done we walked through the hallway to check everything off once more.

That’s when Ace screamed.

“SPIDER!!!” He screeched pointing at a small Daddy Long-Legs. He started shivering and backing away.

“C’mon Ace. It’s just a spider.” I rolled my eyes. He looked pretty freaked.

“Squish it Kat! SQUISH IT!” He wailed. I sighed and squished it with my boot. He slowly walked towards me and backed me up to a table. Ace pushed the table a few inches, which caused him to lean in closer to me. My heartbeat accelerated.

“Sorry about the fuss. I just don’t like spiders.” He whispered, looking into my eyes.

“I-It’s not a problem.” I stuttered. His eyes flashed and he slowly moved his hands from the table to my waist, and gripped it gently.

“You want to tell my what color your dress will be? So I can get you a nice corsage.” Ace asked me, drumming his thumbs on my hips.

“P-Probably green.” I said, knowing that it was a good color for me. He leaned in closer and whispered in my ear.

“What kind of green?” I was frozen stiff. I couldn’t push him away, or pull him towards me! His lips grazed my ear as he spoke.

“Emerald? Lime? Electric? Pine?” After each color, he kissed behind my ear, slowly moving down the line of my jaw. My hands had reached up to his shoulders, and gripped them firmly. Ace stopped to look at me and I quickly blurted out something.

“The green of your eyes!” I clamped my mouth shut and blushed, trying to look away. Ace gently turned my head back to him and kissed me. He pulled me even closer to him, and tilted my head back to get a better angle. Occasionally, when he would pull away to breathe, he would whisper ‘my Little Kitty’. My hands reached up to his neck, to tangle my fingers into his hair.

‘Kat! Snap out of it! This isn’t right!’ I tried to tell myself, but each time I would think about pulling away, Ace would do something else. He softly nibbled my bottom lip, before kissing down along the line of my jaw down to my neck. He kissed my neck a couple times, then licked where I had been kissed. I brought his head back up to mine, and started to kiss him again.

Ace grinned against my lips and continued to kiss me, tracing my lips with his tongue before delving in. I softly whimpered.

Whimpered. Oh this won’t be good. Ace pulled away and touched our foreheads together.

“How was that for practice under the bleachers?” He murmured, smiling. I wanted to slap him silly, right then and there. Instead and detangled myself away from him and said:

“Little more intensity.” And I walked off, making my way to Veronica’s house.


I ran to my bike, and started pedaling home. My mom knew I was out, but always wanted me home once I was done. I honestly had a good time, but I wish it were real. I knew by the expression in Kat’s eyes that she was not happy with my comment about it being practice.

“Freakin’ idiot, Harley.” I mumbled to myself as I biked through the snow. It was almost time to get the motorbike out if it got colder. I had to find a corsage, and a way to make it up to Kat.

I passed by Kat and Veronica’s house and saw the lights on in Veronica’s room. I wondered if Kat was spending the night. I kept wondering why Kat wouldn’t say yes, when I saw a man, who was clearly drunk, pull into her driveway. Kat knew all the shortcuts around here, and was probably home so I figured he was family.

I quickly turned and pedaled home, running over gravel and other sorts of rocks. Sooner or later I would have to get a helmet. Mom was always nagging me about it. Suddenly, a critter of some-sort shot out in front of me, causing me to swerve and hit a tree.

I groaned and felt blood trickling down my forehead. This would be fun to explain to mom.


Kat looked horrible! Her lips were swollen, and her eyes were puffy and red. She ran into my room without a second glance at me.

“Kat! Get back here!” I dragged her onto the bed and she buried her face in a pillow. She obviously didn’t want to talk.

But you know, my room, MY RULES. I quickly started to hit Kat with a pillow. No response.

Another try.

No response.

“Tell me what’s wrong!” I wailed, pushing her off the bed. She landed on the floor with a thump. I heard a muffled no.

“You leave me no choice. I’m calling Ace!” I said triumphantly. Kat’s head shot up and she tackled me.

“No you will not call Ace! You will not call anyone!” She still looked horrible! Which was funny, my pillows always did wonders to me.

“So it has to do with Ace! I knew it!” I said, pushing her off. She glared and shut her mouth, hurling her iPod out the window. She then cradled her head in her hands, and muttered, “What have I done?”

“That’s exactly what I’m trying to figure out! WHAT HAPPENED?!” I semi-yelled. Kat gave me a look and sighed.

“You just don’t give up, do you? If you must know, I was at one of my shows, and Ray had collapsed and is now in the ER. Ace had been there, and Ray wanted him in the show. After Ace and I had cleaned up, he kissed me.”

“What kind of kiss?! A sweet peck or full on make-out session!” I asked her excitedly. She glared at me.

“Make-out style… Anyways, as I was saying before I was so rudely interrupted, he kissed me, and once he was done, he said: How was that for practice under the bleachers? I wanted to slap him silly!” Kat wrung her arms over the side of the bed.

“So you do like him!” I said, examining her hands.

Kat gave me a look that said it all.

“Dress shopping tomorrow! Go get some beauty sleep. You need it.” I squealed and ran down stairs to sleep on the couch.

I couldn’t wait to tell Ace!


“A critter ran out in front of you, and you swerved out of the way so you didn’t hit it?” My mom asked me. I later found out it was Kat’s iPod I gave her. I’ll have to ask her about that…

“Yes mom.” I sighed, preparing to get baby’d.

“Just clarifying.” My mom gave me a hug and started to clean off the wound. It stung a bit, but it could be worse. My mom’s name was Jen, and she was the nicest lady in the whole world. She could make almost anything you ever wanted to eat, and she could fix up any wound. She had long dark hair than fell to the small of her back when it was down. She had green eyes similar to mine, and a smile that could bring up anyones day.

Right now she had her hair up in a beehive, or that’s what I called those huge buns or whatever girls call them, and was in her PJ’s. I felt bad for waking her up.

“Alright honey, you’ll be fine after a good night’s sleep. I do hope that this girl is worth it though, I worry about you sometimes.” She smiled at me and patted my cheek.

“She is. Trust me, and when do you not worry about me?” I laughed and she kissed my forehead before going into the master bedroom. I could hear my dad snoring on the other side.


“Dress shopping!” I exclaimed once we got to the shop. Kat grimaced and chugged her Peppermint Mocha.

This was going to be fun.

So, I had this done a while back, I was just to lazy to post it. My bad….

By the way, what pet should Kat get, a dog named Cobalt (which was her original pet), a fish named Tiger, or a bunny named Rex.?


4 thoughts on “8 of Spades Chapter 4

    1. They wuv each other.

      first disdain then wuv

      Quote from our very own Rainfall ^-^

      Veronica is a very funny character…. Fussy too.

      RUN KAT RUN!

      D: I need to choooose one!

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