ANOTHER story thinga-ma-jigg!

O.K., so I’m thinking of ANOTHER story thing to write, and I’ve come up with these diagrams that each represent an element!

I took this quiz and got Earth (Which is VERY odd; I almost always get water!)! If you want, you can see what you get!

Anyway, the diagrams are supposed to be potential powers/specialties/I haven’t quite figured out how to describe it yet ^^” that someone of that element can achieve if they make choices that lead them on one of two paths, dark or light. (Afterthought: please ignore the “dark” and “light”; imagine the options on the “dark” side are labeled as “bad” and those on the light labeled as “good”! ^^”)

For example, since I got earth, I’ll analyze the Earth chart.

I’d start off as Earth. All of the starting-off elements (Water, fire, air, spirit, earth, etc.) are neutral, so just because they’re on one side of the chart doesn’t mean they’re a “light” or a “dark” element.

Anyway, if I made decisions and choices that were helpful, kind, good, and the like, I’d be on the light path. So I’d move on to “Growth”.

Now, if I made choices and decisions that were cruel, selfish, mean, etc., I’d be on the dark path, so I’d move on to Despair.

If I end up at ‘Despair’ I can move on to Fruitlessness or Void. I can’t go back to being Neutral, and I can’t jump over to Growth.

My choices, depending on their goodness or badness, will lead me to Fruitlessness or Void. If I make good choices, I’ll go to Fruitlessness and have a chance to redeem myself and once again take up the path of light. If I make bad choices, I’ll get stuck with Void. And, from Void, there’s no way to go back TT_TT

It’s pretty simple! Here are the other charts! ^^

Also, I’ve been doing a bit of sketching! Yaaaay! ^^”

Anyway, these are some of the levels listed in the above diagrams:


(His proportions look really off, I’m sorry! TT_TT)


(Just messing around with styles ^^”)

ICE (also from WATER)


(I don’t really like her skirt. I’m going to try to think of something different ^^”)

So, uh, as I got a bit preoccupied, I’m a little behind on my time-period drawings ^^”

Anyway, I’m waiting to have a picture for each group drawn before posting any one of the three, just so one group doesn’t end up with a picture, while the others have none if I get lazy and give up ^^”


Random side-note, but:

Adopt one today!

To me, at least, these guys look kind of like Night Furies! ^^


9 thoughts on “ANOTHER story thinga-ma-jigg!

  1. That seems really cool! And for the drawings, why don’t you visit our good friend google and google up attire in that era, or jobs so that you can think of our characters as a newspaper boy/girl or baker!

    1. Yay, I’m glad you think so! ^^

      I’ve already looked up the attire! I’ve actually started on the drawing, this post is a bit out-dated ^^” I should really fix that ^^”

      But that’s a really good idea! I’ll probably use it in the future–thanks a ton! ^^

    1. Yes, that quiz seems quite irregular! ^^” But both air and spirit are really cool! ^^

      Yay, I’m glad you think so! ^^

      I wish I could be an action hero in a pretty dress TT_TT I’d probably trip on the hem and break all of my bones or something ^^”

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