Big Art Trade thingy

So, um, this is not sticky, but it not enough people sign up, I’ll make it sticky, so that you’ll have to look at it every day, and feel guilty for not singing up.
Anyway, I though of making an art trade for BotB. You’ll have 2 weeks to sign up. Then I’ll make a post announcing the first person, and you’ll have 2 weeks from that post to submit your drawing.
Note: You must be prepared to draw a LOT of other characters. Or not.
So, to sign up, comment here, and I need:
Name of BotB character:
Hair: (how long, curly or straight, color)
Eyes: (color)
Skin: (color, blush)

That’s the only stuff in asking for right now, because the whole point of this is to see how other people see your character. But you can include extra stuffs if you want.
Questions here, sign ups here, and free cookies!


4 thoughts on “Big Art Trade thingy

  1. OMTOMTOMT! This sounds like SOOO much fun!

    Sign me up!! ^^

    This is a great idea! I love it!

    O.K., here’s Nireth’s profile! I don’t mind if people don’t draw her, though; I mainly just want to draw other people! She’s kind of boring ^^”

    Name: Nireth

    Hair: Wavy, kind of messy, honey-blonde

    Eyes: Brown/Hazel

    Skin: Fair complexion

  2. Me sign up:

    Name: Phoenix

    Hair: Waist length, varying shades of red, bangs brushing eyelashes, straight.

    Eyes: red..but not like demon red. I mean like, flames red..?

    Skin: tan-ish

    It sounds like a really fun idea, I look forward to drawing everyone’s characters!

  3. Sounds fun!

    My sign up sheet xDD

    Name: Tridah

    Hair: Straight, longish, black…She has bangs that sweep to the right side of her face (that means towards the left side of the paper) so they don’t cover her whole face, and two long strands of hair in the front (and a bunch of hair in the back)…Uh..That’s as descriptive as I can get about the hair….

    Eyes: Grey, sometimes vacant looking…..Might’ve had color once, but somehow their color dissappeared, leaving it just a bunch of…Grey-ness…

    Skin: a soft brown, not light like caramel, but not dark like tree bark..Just kind of medium brown, I guess…. No blush. Probably no scars or bruises because she has healing powers and knows how to use illusions……

    Additional: No matter how nice, she will not wear blue unless it’s the nebulea cloth she got from Flambe or the mood dress she got from Rad.
    If it is not the first or the latter, she will not wear blue. However, she wears basically almost any other color clothing..(Once in her old hometown, she wore a dress with rainbows and clouds, but the color blue was replaced with grey, and for the rest of the day everyone thought Tridah was depressed. :truestory: )

  4. Name: Raelynn Carter/ RC

    Hair: Crimson short hair, always wears a beanie or head band with it. Its short similar to the surfer dude haircut. But a bit longer.

    Eyes: Amber

    Skin: Not tan, but not pale. In between.

    I do have one request, and that’s to make a page for this stuff and then make comments in our own posts if it’s updated.

    But it sounds fun!

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