Potential Story thing-a-majig!

O.K., as I have been SEVERELY neglecting chatting (And role playing!), I figured there should be a reason Nireth vanished.

So far, the only things that have been set in stone are:

1. Her boat is swept away from Mir during an unusual storm.

2. While exploring her new surroundings (it might be Earth, or maybe some other world) she realizes that the storm was actually a part of something much bigger and sinister.

3.  She will pick up a ghostly companion that likes to pull her hair.

4. She will go through a relatively big change (Although I’d rather it wasn’t a “Corrupt the Cutie” trope situation ^^”)

And number four is where I need YOUR help: I can’t decide what I want the change to be! Please help me decide! ^^”

I’m also thinking about changing her dress! After all, her old one’s getting pretty ratty!

Thanks for your input!

Anyway, I’m really excited to start working on this story. YAY! (Saying as she never really got a complete story, as I left Nireth’s Adventures to rot ^^”)


5 thoughts on “Potential Story thing-a-majig!

  1. Camile’s been gone for awhile. Her excuse is school. She leaves Mir for nine months of school. Yeah, it’s hard to believe.

    How about Nireth used to work for this secret organization, and when she failed a mission, they took part of her soul. And now Nireth has to find it.

    Nireth is an experienced fighter because she has a magical item of somesort that helps her, but it has to put her to sleep/in a trance in order to do so.

    My eyes burn from the terribleness of my ideas. I’m sorry they’re not that great.

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