Congrats BT!

Ok, first off, Happy New Year. If it were up to me, I would’ve treated it like any other night. Maybe I would have been sleeping, or on the PHC at midnight, but my parents had a different idea. I was required to go to the strip and scream as if I was happy for 2012.
I didn’t mean to act Scrooge-like, but 2011 was very good for me. I kinda didn’t want it to end.
Anyways, though, I’m here to congratulate Brave Tomato! After Rainfall left (D: ), she got added as the newest PHB author! Congratulations, BT! Man, I wish I could go on xat to congratulate her in person, but I ain’t going on
That’s it!


3 thoughts on “Congrats BT!

  1. Edit: SC is a total dork. And she needs to pay more attention to the post she’s reading.

    Anyway Congrats on your new spot at the PHC,BT.:)

  2. YAAAY! Go Brave Tomato! ^^

    I’m glad 2011 was good for you! And I didn’t want it to end, either TT_TT 11 is such a good number! ^^

    But remember, 2012 might be even better! So just keep your chin up, and good things will most definitely come your way! ^^

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