I downloaded this computer app to help manipulate BBC iPlayer into thinking I was from the UK so I could watch A Scandal in Belgravia (which by the way was so freaking awesomea sdkfjepafieo 4efijdij I’ll fangirl later) and now everything is British. @__@


Um, anyway, sorry for not commenting. I guess I’ve been busy/lazy/super lazy.

Happy 2012.


2 thoughts on “blah

  1. At least it’s in a form of English…

    Try using Google to find a solution. [This really helped when I accidentally activated VoiceOver on my iPod and needed to turn it off.]

    It’s okay, I’m sure all of us have had those times when we’re super busy and can’t post/comment.

  2. Oh, nol! TT_TT I’m sorry it’s being wacky!

    I’m not the most technologically apt person, so I don’t know of how much assistance I can be ^^” Whenever I have a program I’d like to uninstall, I usually go to the control panel and uninstall it from there. But, honestly, there are so many different computers and so many different ways to do stuff that I just have no idea ^^” If anything, I’d say listen to Foxface! ^^

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