With Love #1

I don’t know if I should finish this or not ~

She asked me to dance, exposing her wrist bent over so I could take her hand and spin her across the dancefloor. It was definitely dark, like a disco. I felt as if everyone was looking at us as if they were waiting for this to happen. Blushing, I took her palm and twirled her. As she was finished, I placed my hand on her waist and kissed her.

I woke up from some recurring dream I had, sometime in early December. It’s about one of my closest friends Janani, but I don’t like her like that and I never did before – at least I don’t think I do. I thought hard about why these images would be appearing in my unconscious mind. My cat, Dizz, taunts me about it. Yeah, a talking cat, but I’m not focusing on that hocus pocus. There I fell back in my unmade bed and just thought to myself.

“Knock knock,” Dizz smilied as he crawled in the room and almost immediately jumped to my bed.

“‘Sup,” I tried to keep on a good vibe face.

“You talk to Janani lately?” he queried.

“No, why?” I immediately had a feeling of worry.

“Just wondering,” Dizz shrugged with wide eyes, “Why’d you get so worried?”

He’s always been good at body language, unfortunately. “She’s my best friend.”

“You still haven’t made a move yet?” he taunted once more.

“Why should I be making a move?”

“Poor, poor, naive Evan. You’re obviously in a friend-zone.”

“A whatta?”

“A friend-zone,” Dizz took a breath and began to explain, “it’s where you have a crush on a girl you’re friends with.”

By the way, my name is Evan. Forgot to mention that. Anywoo..

“I’m not in a friend-zone with her,” my words got quieter as the sentence went along.

“Dude, no one sees a hot girl and thinks to theirselves, ‘Oh, she’s hot. I think she should be my friend,'” He went on and on.

In my head, two hours went by before his lecture was over. Maybe he’s right, I could be in denial.

Soon, I realized it was Monday and my smile got twisted upside down. It’s not so much I hate the people at my school, I just hate my school. The teachers, the rules, the everything is just so awful it just makes me want to be homeschooled. But my mom believes that homeschooled kids are for the lazy or the socially-impaired. Therefore, I am forced to attend Isaac Hayes Junior High on a weekday basis.


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