I had a very productive day!

I worked on my Rapunzel Dress! OMT I AM SO EXCITEEEEED! I have the under-dress pretty much done (except for the sleeves, and I still have to sew it together)!

Also, I have a new, awesome fandom-based shirt! (Yep, ANOTHER one!) (Well, I think it’s awesome ^^”)


It got a little messed up because there was something melted on the iron ^^”

Anyway, I think I’ll split the beings into groups of six or so, just so it’s more manageable to draw them all ^^

If you have any requests for a group or time period you would like to be in, please let me know! ^^ I would hate to exclude someone from their favorite time period! TT_TT


Jedi Master Grant
Machine Lord
Mad Hatter


Phoenix Girl
Pinkie Pie
Raven Avelina


RC and Cobalt
Shaded Lady
Thunder Ninja/Miranda
Vampire Lord

I’m probably going to start off with Group 1 in present day, then work backwards from there!

If you have any comments or questions, please let me know! ^^

Thanks for all your help, guys! ^^


17 thoughts on “Productive!

  1. Oooh! I can’t wait to see the dress! If we’re allowed too that is! ^^

    I can’t wait to see the beings in their groups!

    And I like your shirt!

    1. Of course you’ll be allowed to! ^^ I don’t know how fun it’s going to be to look at, though ^^”

      I’m drawing the present group right now! Hehe, it’s REALLY random, but it’s been SOO much fun to draw!

  2. Can’t wait to see the dress!
    The shirt looks pretty cool!
    I saw what you did there- you put the beings in alphabetical order! Can’t wait to see how it turns out!

  3. I bet the dress looks awesome, can’t wait to see it. c:
    The shirt’s nice I guess…
    …I wonder how Tridah would survive if the only civilization for miles and miles was a camp in the middle of nowhere. o.o I don’t think she’d make a good cave-person at all. And the natives wouldn’t even speak her language! D: She’d be very confused. xDDDDD Although she might get along well with the Sumerians ’cause they invented the wheel and all.
    Grea on the other hand would probably be hyper and running around in delight yelling “CHAOS! SO MUCH CHAOS! IT’S EVERYWHEREE!! And disorder, too! I LOVE THIS PLACE!” ect… Grea would also probably really like to go sightseeing to all the different civilizations and stuff. She’d make Tridah go everywhere- Akkad, Greece, Egypt…You name it.
    Overall, when this is all over with Tridah would gain a great learning experience but would be mad at Grecandra, and Grea would cause a bunch of chaos which might explain why so many aincient civilizations haven’t survived today. O.o Going back in time would ultimatly change the future and past, although we might not see a change at all today because it’s already happened… o.o ….I’m thinking about this too deeply. xDD
    Anyways, HOORAY FOR GROUP 3! ;D

    1. OMT I can’t wait to show you guys! ^^ Or wear it around!

      Yay! I’m glad you like your group! ^^

      Hehe, I’ll keep that in mind! I’ll probably switch out characters with alternate personalities (Fern/Ivy, Thunder Ninja/Miranda, Tridah/Grea), so it’s great you told me this!

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