There’s nothing wrong with red and black

OMZ… So my dad thinks I’m trying to rebel against him because I look like this right now:


Oh, so now it’s illegal to wear red an black? It’s not even that much black! Just a bit of tye die!
By the way, if this post is messed up, it’s because I’m using this app, and it has messed stuff up for me before, so just sayin’!
I don’t think it helps that I have a red shield case for my iPod. But I like red just as much as I like every color! I only got red because it was the only color this case came in. Besides, this case is soft. 😀
I saw some cool jewel studded cases yesterday that came with jewel earphones that cost LESS than this case, but give me something soft enough to rub against my cheek, and I’m a goner. You just can’t rub a jewel studded case against your cheek. I look hideous. Deal with it. By the way, my hair is dropping wet, so that’s why it looks so… Cheap.
Anyway, yea. That’s it.


9 thoughts on “There’s nothing wrong with red and black

  1. That is really odd that your dad would overreact JUST BECAUSE you’re wearing red and black. I wore black and red Halloween costumes for three years in a row!

    The pics are pretty cool! I dun care if the hair is wet, the outfit is awesome!

  2. Oh my gosh! You changed your name to Katniss!

    It’s not rebelling, it’s wearing red and black. [It’s not much black anyway…]

    Cases are super expensive anyway. And so are some headphones…

    Meh, your hair looks fine. I couldn’t even tell it was wet.

    1. Yes, I did! I was gonna do Rue, but TN says she was gonna change her name to that, and so I though; well Katniss! and my pic too. 😉

  3. Cool socks! (if that’s what they are, I can’t tell)
    You’re not wearing that much black, it’s just your hair that makes it seem so. Your dad’s exaggerating. I don’t see why you’d be rebelling against primarily him.

  4. Your outfit is so awesome! You have a great sense of style! ^^

    I’m sorry your dad is upset! TT_TT That doesn’t seem fair!

    OOH, I love the soft cell phone cases! ^^ They’re so confusing, but so soft!

    And you DON’T look hideous! Not in the least!

  5. i don’t like red so much but black and read is great,anything will work well with black
    p.s-is that how you look like?

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