*blinks* You know, this could go on for a while.

But I chose not to. First of all, remember that video that I showed you with Nyan Cat and this random Lady Nyan Cat falling in love? Well, the same creator made a new video with a battle between Nyan Cat and Tac Nayn!

(Caution: contains some mild language and some animated blood)

Well, it did show a warning at the beginning of the video anyways.

Secondly, there’s an animated movie that really amuses me a little bit, although it is not released yet.

Wanna know why this amuses me?

    • This is PIXAR’s first female main protagonist
    • She’s an ARCHER!
    • The movie’s called BRAVE (originally The Bear and the Bow)
    • She’s rebellious about the rule that females can’t shoot any arrows.
    • She seems epic.

Here’s the trailer:

I just cannot wait!

Well, BT out from the multitopicness of it all. (although it was just 2)


2 thoughts on “*blinks* You know, this could go on for a while.

  1. Sweet! Another Nyan Cat video!

    Ooh! I saw that trailer a few months ago! It seems interesting. And I love her hair. [Which is totally random, and not one of the reasons I’d watch the movie…]

  2. Whoa! Where do you guys find these youtube videos? Every time I go onto youtube, I always manage to wander into the weird places. TT_TT Youtube terrifies me.

    OMT, I’m so excited for Brave, too! ^^ It’s totally going to be awesome!

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