Nightmare before Christmas Christmas

Heyy, sorry for no post yesterday! I was too busy playing with my Christmas gifts, including my lovely new hp laptop named Simon. He’s simply perfect and works soooo much better than my old one, and I love him so much and he’ssoshinyomgomgom

Anyway…I got special things, mostly involving Nightmare Before Christmas. And I’ll tell you that I freakin’ LOVE that movie. I love Jack, and I love Sally, and I love Nightmare Revisited, and I love all the original songs too, and…AND THE OPENING SONG IS PERFECT. The original is good, Panic! At the Disco’s is great, and Marilyn Manson’s the best.

Oh and if you’re on a Halloween high and you want to go “What the heck is this?” Google Image search Marilyn Manson. It’s like the best thing.

Anyway, I got a Nightmare Before Christmas cosmetics bag, and Nightmare Before Christmas fingerless gloves that have a glow in the dark Jack’s face on them, and the single most amazing hat, and I’d upload it to the post but when I preview it it shall not show up. 😦

But anyway, I also got like a MEGA sketching set, and Night at the Museum DVD (Yes, I understand it’s like 32543635675473643543years old, I love it anyway. OKAY), annnnd a Poptropica: The Offical Guide. It’s like the bestest thing ever.

Happy Holidays, every one!

PS: If you have problems like me (which mean they’re GOOD) and you DO decide to google MArilyn Manson, please keep in mind some of those pictures can scar your childhood. They’ve gotten me labeled as that weird goth girl in the corner for googling his name in the computer lab and leaving it up. Of course they’re right, but…. *Sigh* Let’s just say that Marilyn’s an original. Don’t get me wrong though. I love him. It’s just…you may not.


7 thoughts on “Nightmare before Christmas Christmas

  1. Lucky! You got a laptop.
    Short rant:
    My mom thinks I’m not ‘responsible enough’ for one. I’ve had my iPod for a year and I’ve taken pretty good care of it…
    Anyway, Back on subject: Simon’s an awesome name for a laptop. Especially a shiny one.

    I’ve heard of Marilyn Manson, before.

    It’s okay, I’m known as the freaky, nerdy girl who has a slight fear of talking to new people. [And the one who Googles ‘Greek Mythology’, just so she can know more about it…]

  2. Oooh! You struck out this year! I’m going to get a bunch of P!ATD music with my iTunes this year.

    Simon. Does he have glasses?

  3. WHOOOOAAAA! It sounds like you got an awesome load of loot! ^^

    I’m glad your Christmas went so swimmingly! (I don’t know if that’s actually the right word to use there ^^” Oh well, it’s a fun word! ^^)

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