VL Tries to Host a Talk Show

Announcer: You’re watching Finland 6,Finland’s top cable network. And now it’s time for  “VL!”

*talk show music plays*

Hi,I’m VL,and welcome to VL. Our guest today is a pop star known commonly around the USA. Please welcome,Katy Perry!

*audience claps*

Katy Perry: Hello,VL!

VL: So Katy,tell us about your favorite music video!

Katy: Well,there’s this one called Last Friday Night,and that was inspired by my love of 80’s movies.

VL: Ooh,we have a clip!

*clip of Last Friday Night plays*

VL: That was it,no?

Katy: Yes,that was it….

VL: Well,tell us about your personal life!

Katy: Well,I’m married to Russell Brand..

VL: We have a clip!

*clip of Russell Brand in Get Him to the Greek plays*

VL: So,how was your trip to Finland?

Katy: Not so good… I lost my luggage at the airport…

VL: We have a clip!

*in clip,Katy talks to someone about her luggage*

Katy: How did you get that tape?

VL: We have an excellent research team!

Katy: I’m not gonna say anything anymore..

VL: Why?

Katy: It’s just when I came on your show-

VL: We have a clip!

*clip from the start of the show plays*

Katy: Umm,I..

VL: We have a clip!

*clip of an eye plays*

Katy: Wow… I’ve been on annoying talk shows before,but you.. You’re like a robot! What happens after the show,you go back to your cold,dark apartment and drink tea while your cats watch?

VL: *sadly* We have a clip..

*clip of VL in a dark apartment with a bunch of cats plays*

Katy: Oh,I’m sorry: It’s just I’ve been on tour,I’m exhausted,and I shouldn’t have snapped like that…

VL: You snapped,we have a clip!

*clip of Katy snapping her fingers at a concert plays*

VL: Well,that’s it for VL. See you next week!



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