Christmas Special!

So, I had written this up for a friend who had made the characters Veronica and Nick, and I decided that you guys might like it!

Warning: Kissing scenes ahead. It’s not to bad, but just a warning for those who don’t like it. Although I encourage you to read the part about the mustang with a Christmas tree on top!

8 Of Spades Oneshot Christmas V & N Special

“WAKE UP VERONICA. WE HAVE TO GO GET A FREAKIN’ CHRISTMAS TREE!” Kat screamed at me. She liked to go overboard with this stuff. ,

It was two days before Christmas, and we still hadn’t gotten our Christmas tree, so Kat put it upon herself to go and get one.

And look who gets stuck with her!

“Oh, I forgot to mention. Nick is coming with us! In other words, WE ARE SO STRAPPING A CHRISTMAS TREE TO THE TOP OF HIS MUSTANG!!” Kat declared, strutting around the room with gym shorts and a school T-shirt on. With knee-high black Nike socks and bright orange Vans, she definitely had no problems with the cold. Wait.. Nick was going with us? I shot out of bed and raced for the shower.

“Put some cute clothes out for me! Please!” I squeaked out at Kat, who laughed and started rummaging through the clothes in my room. She appeared with a nice sweater, some dark blue skinny jeans and underwear. I quickly took a shower and changed.

I found Kat raiding the fridge downstairs.

“You have no hot chocolate mix! NONE I TELL YOU.” Kat threw some dressing out behind her, and sadly almost at me.

“Kat! Stop wrecking our kitchen!” I giggled and bit into some sweetcake that Kat’s Aunt made. It was delicious.

“Why? It’s very entertaining if you think about it.” Kat shook our carton of milk, which was probably a quarter full, and then drank it. She crushed the carton, wiped her face and dragged me out to the driveway.

My house was decorated with nice blue lights, and many reindeer in the front yard. The one with the broken antler always made me laugh. Ace had broken it when we were 5 years old. Trying to ride it like it was a horse. I giggled quietly to myself when Nick’s red Mustang pulled up. My heart beat accelerated.

“Finally! You’re her- EEP.” Kat started to greet Nick when she saw Ace pop out of the passenger seat. I laughed and rolled his bike over to him. He grinned at me, and gave Kat a smirk. She disappeared into the middle seat of Nick’s Mustang.

“She loves you. Trust me. I’ll get you two together if it’s the last thing I do!” I swore up and down to Ace.

“Oh trust me when I say Kat is much closer to me than you and Nick are close.” Ace got on his bike.

“What?! Of course you aren’t!” I hoped he couldn’t see through my lie, but his face said it all and I instantly regretted those words.

“Is that a bet? We’ll just have to prove it to each other at the tree place.” Ace grinned at me and biked off. Kat honked Nick’s horn, and I quickly stepped into the heated car.

“What took you so long?” Kat narrowed her eyes at me.

“Oh. I was just talking to Ace about how you loved him so much.” I smiled innocently while Kat blushed cherry red and mumbled about sending moths to me for Christmas.

“Morning Veronica.” Nick smiled at me before turning onto the side street out from my driveway. My stomach did a flip. Whenever he smiled at me, it just…

“Yo Veronica. Stop goggling over Nick.” Kat munched on a pop-tart, obviously from my house.

“Why don’t you tell us what you got for Ace? I can see something in your pocket.” I had to think fast! I had to prove to Ace that Nick and I were closer than him and Kat!

“I didn’t get anything for Ace! This is my iPod you idiot!” Kat said, not looking at me.

“We’re here! And sadly, I owe Ace 30$. He beat us.” Nick frowned and got out his wallet while we stepped out of the car.

Kat was still a freak for wearing shorts and shirt… And here comes Ace! Perfect!

“Kat got you a present but she says she didn’t!” I said in a sing-song-y voice. Ace turned and gave Kat a look.

“I know.” He said simply, “It’s supposed to be a surprise, and she didn’t want you to tell me.” Ace smirked and put his hat on. It was a ski hat, with the hat that covered the ears with tassels. It looked nice on him.

“I suppose we should look for a tree, right?” Nick said from behind me, he had moved closer to me, and I could feel his breath on my ear.

“Right! I’ll go with you, while Ace can go with Kat!” I tried to push Ace into the pile of snow, but he was ready for me, and got me right in the face.

“Ace! You’re dead!” I squealed, but he had already taken Kat’s hand and ran away into the maze of Christmas Trees.

“Here, I’ll get it off.” Nick said to me, smoothly. He was wearing a nice tailcoat, with jeans and a beanie. Nick softly wiped the snow off of my cheeks and handed me a pair of mittens.

“I-I can’t take these! Your hands will freeze!” I stuttered, still trying to find my voice. He slipped the mittens onto my hand and smiled.

“Trust me, you need them more than I do.” Nick brushed some hair out of my eyes and we trekked on to find a Christmas tree.

“Hey!” I exclaimed as Kat ripped her hand out from mine. She put her hand into her pocket and brought out a small wrapped box. She thrust it into my hands and disappeared behind the nearest tree to check for loose branches.

Or to hide her blushing face.

I ripped apart the paper and saw a deck of cards sitting in my hand, and a small note.

‘These are so you don’t have to keep stealing mine.

– Kat ‘

I snapped my head up and started to chase Kat around a few trees. She had a slight advantage with her shorts, but her Vans were already slick on the snow, so she had to be careful. I jammed the cards in my pocket and focused on cornering her. She slipped between two trees, while I went around. Fortunately, she made a slight mistake and found herself at a fence. I bound toward her and gave her a huge hug. She squeaked and tried to squirm away.

“Do you know, how cute that was, Little Kitty?” I nuzzled my face into her neck and felt the heat on her face.

“I-I thought it would be c-clever.” She stuttered out. I chuckled and hugged her even more tightly. She smelled… Fresh and sweet. Like ripe sour cherries, or apples. She hesitantly hugged me back, wrapping her arms around my waist.

“That isn’t so bad, is it?” I murmured into her ear, the tassels from my hat resting on her chest and back. She shrugged and I kissed her on the cheek, slowly making my way to her lips. She squeaked when I pulled her closer to me.

I didn’t want to scare her off, seeing as though we still weren’t together technically. So I started off with closed lips while rubbing her back, and tangling my fingers in her soft hair. She slowly started to kiss me back, while bringing her hands up to my neck.

I gently bit her upper lip, and she gasped. Whoa, Ace. Backtrack. I kissed her like before again, when she brought her hands to my cheeks and kissed me deeply. She also bit my lip, which made me grin against her lips. Before I could meet her tongue, I heard footsteps. Which meant Kat did too. I felt her stiffen against me when I broke the kiss, sighing and looking up, I saw the freshman who had slammed the door in my face.

“OI!” I yelled, and he ran away, obviously freaked. I started to run after him, when I remembered the sole purpose of coming here.

“Let’s get that tree.” I randomly pointed to one, while Kat smiled at me. I practically melted. It was those smiles that did me in.

“Alright Ace. I’m sure it will look great in Veronica’s house.”

I definitely could not focus on anything but Nick while we were trying to find a Christmas tree. The way he walked, the way he looked at things, the way he talked…

“How about this one?” He pointed at a large one with a nice pointed branch at the top for a star.

“It looks great! But it’s kinda big.. I don’t think it will fit in our house.” I pouted, and he took my hand to look for more.

Now all I could focus on was his warm hand! He even gave me his mittens! I thought about his present… It was a nice basket full of goodies, and a cool scarf! I really hoped he liked it…

“This one?” Nick pointed to a rather short tree, then shook his head. “Never mind. To short.”

I giggled softly and he glanced at me. Smiling. I just about melted right then and there, if it weren’t for the ball of snow that had just hit my face, I would of!

“HARLEY! I’m gonna get you for that one!” Nick yelled at Ace, who grinned and waved. Taking Kat and tree with him.

“Is that tree okay?” Nick pointed to the one they found. It looked very clean, and just the right size. I nodded, not trusting my voice. I started to wipe the snow off my face, when Nick lowered my hands gently.

“I can’t let you take care of me whenever I get snow on my face!” I teased him, though secretly I liked being taken care of. It made me feel special. Nick frowned.

“Your lips are blue, and I highly doubt that it’s lip gloss.” Nick leaned down and softly kissed my lips. I froze. He started to pull away with I wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him back down.

He was not getting away with that! Or maybe he was… Nick cupped my face and gently slipped his tongue into my mouth. Our kisses became something more than just a sweet peck. I heard a click while his arms were around my neck, but I didn’t care. I just kept kissing him, and kissing him.

After what seemed like forever, we pulled apart and were breathing heavily.

“Merry Christmas.” Nick said, hugging me. I hugged him back. When we pulled away, a chain got stuck to a button on his coat. I glanced at it and saw a turtle charm! I gasped and stared at it’s beauty. It had little blue gems for eyes, and on the belly, it had my name on it engraved!

“Thank you so much.” I breathed out, as Nick took my hand, guiding me through the trees.

“Somebody remind me how the heck we’re going to get the tree home!” Nick yelled.

“Well, we strap it onto the top of your Mustang of course!” Kat said cheekily. Her cheeks were rosy, and she has a mischievous look on her face. Nick looked ready to pass out.

“I’m kidding! Gosh. I called Veronica’s Dad to bring a truck. You really think I’d put the Christmas tree on the top of your Mustang?” They all gave her a look.

“Oh. Well then.” She laughed.

Later that night, I decided that I’d stay over at Veronica’s house for the night. She invited me to watch a movie with her, but I told her I wanted to get to sleep.

“Alright! That’s fine, it means I don’t have to fight with you for the choice!” She laughed and closed the door. I immediately dug into the pocket of my shorts that were strewn on the floor by me. I grabbed the box, and ripped it open. He got me an iPod! I quickly turned it over to find it engraved.

‘To my Little Kitty’

-The End

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