Chicken Smoothie…Merlin…Hunger Games…SHERLOCK!!! Just fangirl Rainfall in general.

So I was messing around with Chicken Smoothie and its Store items. I just hope this isn’t against the rules to edit them in on :s

All art belongs to Chicken Smoothie! Not me!

I also made all the Merlin characters for fun. 😛 Not the actual Arthurian legend characters, but the BBC television series characters.

Speaking of Merlin, I finished Season 1! Yay! The last episode I watched was 2×02, and it was O.K. The part that really surprised me was the Arthur and Gwen kiss…! (new ship alert…) *random twirling* I thought it was absolutely adorable.

And March 23rd! Please come soon!

If not the movie…can the full soundtrack come out? ;_; (I’d totally buy it if I had more than 6 dollars on iTunes! Ha. Maybe I’ll get lucky on my birthday?)

I certainly tried to convince the Doctor to take me into the future to go see it, but he said that if I’m still planning to go see it on the true date as well as in the future, I’ll make a paradox!

And Sherlock Series 2 comes out January 1st…sigh. If I can’t wait for March 23rd…I sure can’t wait that for New Year’s.

But A Scandal in Belgravia has a trailer now, and I spent almost all day watching it. It was hilarious, especially when John punched Sherlock. I do wonder what that was about.

Since I suck at making gifs…I took screenies instead.


So, I’ve let out most of my fangirl-ism…for now.

Therefore, Merry Christmas. ^^

Secret Santa gifts are coming out tonight at 8PM CST! Stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Chicken Smoothie…Merlin…Hunger Games…SHERLOCK!!! Just fangirl Rainfall in general.

  1. Epic! Oh, and thanks for the pets on Chicken Smoothie. 🙂

    A Taylor Swift Song in A Hunger Games movie…Interesting.

    If the Doctor takes you, ask him to take me. I’ll sit faarrr away from the both of you in the theater.

    Merry Christmas to you, too!

  2. Those. pets. look. incredible!
    the Doctor’s always one step ahead 🙂
    I cannot wait for that movie to come out! I really want to go to the premier! I can totally understand why that song’s in the movie.

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