Celebrity Jeopardy

*Jeopardy music plays*

VL: Welcome back to Celebrity Jeopardy.Once again,I’d like to recommend that our viewers watch something else.Let’s meet our celebrity contestants. Sean Connery is in the lead with zero dollars. Adam Sandler is in second with -6,000. And Tom Cruise is in last place with an incredible negative  12,000 dollars,having answered a wide number of first round questions more than once.Now it’s time for Double Jeopardy. The categories are: Potent Potables. The Vowels. Presidents who are on the One Dollar Bill.Ponies.The Number Ten,and finally,Foods that end in “amburger.” Sean,let’s begin with you.

Sean: You’ll rue the day you crossed me,Trebek.

VL: Oh,no,Sean. I’m not Alex Trebek… Adam,why don’t you pick instead?

Adam: TIME FOR THE JEOPARDY! I love it,your father loves it,your Aunt Betty watches it every night on the VCR!

VL: FINE! I’ll pick for you.Let’s try t”The Number Ten” for $200. Now,the answer to every question in this category is ‘ten.’ When I’m done talking,just…say…ten.

Announcer: This is how many fingers you  have.

Tom Cruise: *buzzes in* Five.

VL: No. That sound means it’s time for Final Jeopardy *turns to camera and mouths “I’m not looking forward to this”) Let’s see what the category is: Just answer the question,”Where are you right now?”

*ten seconds later*

VL:Okay,let’s see your answers. Tom,you wrote ‘go.’ And you wagered..’For it.’ Go for it. You certainly did. Adam,you wrote,’Abbie.’ and you wagered… ‘Abbie Doobie.’ And Sean,you wrote…INDOORS? Wow,this is incredible! Are we recording this? Let’s see what you wagered. “In a nightclub.” INdoors in a nightclub.Well,that’s it for Celebrity Jeopardy. Once again,I will go see if a jump from Mt. Everest will kill me.


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