This is random

I was on my iPod when I took a glance at the date on the homepage of the calendar app.

I thought briefly, oh, it was RA’s birthday yesterday.

Then my thoughts traveled to the fact that it will be 2012 soon.

Then I realized that it’s my birthday in 18 days.

This is no post to remind you all, nor just a post to randomly mention it.

I am terrified. I first felt this way when I turned 12, and I remember that week very distinctly. I drew aggravated pictures and thought constantly of clocks.

I have no idea why birthdays terrify me now. I didn’t even realize it would be my birthday within a month! Before, I’d notice it as soon as it was late November.

All that crosses my mind is that time flees me.

I should be thankful that I’m not older, but as I pondered that, I realized, the calendar and 365 days in a year is manmade, right?

We revolve around the sun in a period of 365 days, yes, but is 24 hours a day? Do minutes and seconds and whatever unit of time really exist on the fabric of reality?

We might be 15 years old, we might be 4.

What is our real age?

It’s hard for me to explain, but basically, how long have we seriously existed? And if we took years into a differentfactor, would we consider 907 to be an impossible age?

Oh, and I got a cool hat today. I wish it were a panda instead.


8 thoughts on “This is random

  1. Since this is a random post, I might as well randomly say something to all those who think I might be dead:

    I got bored with this site, went to to play some zombie games. If you wish to contact me there my name is Mechano Destructo and I am usually in the chatroom Yuijiopea. I probably won’t be coming back here or to the PHC, but who knows, I always have a pattern of inactivity. Sorry for bothering you, but I had an urge to do this for whatever reason.

  2. I love thinking about that kind of stuff! ^^ I like telling people I’m 1, or telling them that I’m actually only as mature as a 7-year-old, since I’ve been asleep for half of my life and have only had my waking hours to really observe and absorb the world around me! ^^

    Birthdays are always scary! TT_TT I don’t see anything special about them; it’s just another year gone by! If you ask me, we ought to celebrate the memories we cherish, not the fact that we gained another year! ^^ Maybe that’s why we have birthday parties: so we can gather with our friends and remember the good times! Hm, I’ve actually never thought about it that way!

    YAY HATS! ^^ Was it a Viking Hat? Those are the supreme hats of cool! 8)

    Your posts are always so eye-opening! ^^ I love them!

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