O.K., so on the Poptropica: Legendary Swords thing, I got kind of obsessed with the blue flowers ^^”

File clean-out time! ^^

These guys. They’re so pretty! ^^

So, of course, I took fifty pictures ^^”

O.K., so maybe not fifty ^^”

Also, there were many Charlotte’s Web references! ^^

ANYWAY, back to the REAL reason I wanted to make this post:

I have a question for you guys!

What cartoon character do YOU think your Battle of the Beings character is most like?

Sorry for the wasted media space; this would’ve just been a really short post otherwise ^^”


5 thoughts on “Random!

  1. Uhm… Good question… I definitely know for sure that Ivy is like Poison Ivy from Batman, but Fern? Umm… I’ll get back to you on that one. Just gotta think of someone.

  2. Nice pictures! What program do you use? I use Lightshot. ^-^

    My BotB character is like…

    Five hours later…:
    I’ll have to grab my thinking cap and comment later. -_-

  3. Ooh, I’m so jealous of members! Legendary Swords is so cool! I had so much fun wacking robots then BAM! “You must be a member to continue!” ;_;

    The flowers look really pretty though, and the Charlotte’s Web reference rocks. :3

    Erm. ^^; I’d love to say Mulan simply because she’s amazing and loyal and strong and independent and determined, but I can’t see RA being as awesome! D:

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