Chicken Smoothie woes.

Today was the ‘special’ day on the Advent calendar, where you get pets from past years by chance, or hopefully an UR pet, or hopefully a fruit pet.

I didn’t get a UR or a fruit… ;_;

But I did get a rare, so yay! Unfortunately, it has the Warrior lineart, but it’s not naturally colored so I can’t add it as an addition to my clan…me creyz. And apparently ’09 rares are common on this day…oh…kay…

I also got this newborn. I don’t know what it’ll grow up into, but maybe something cool? :B

Load…please? ;_;


3 thoughts on “Chicken Smoothie woes.

  1. …When Rainfall SHOULD have been working on Haude Nomen!
    Nah, just kidding! The cat looks really cool, if only I had that in real life!

  2. :O That’s a cool blue cat! I wonder if Cookeh would let me dye her that color…

    And why would it become common after two years? It should become more rare, because, you know, It’s older…

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