Nothing Productive will Happen Today

And this is why:

Rapunzel Minecraft skin. YEEEEAH!

Too bad I stink at Minecraft ^^”

There’s an Astrid one, too!


My writing has been getting more and more like the writing of an impatient five year old ^^” I’m actually slightly concerned! TT_TT

I’m sorry for giving you guys this nonsense to read! TT_TT


4 thoughts on “Nothing Productive will Happen Today

    1. I KNOW! But now I can’t play it on the download because the skin doesn’t load most of the time TT_TT

      I wish I could be two people at once! TT_TT They have a Hiccup, too! ^^

      Aww, thanks! ^^ Yours are more fun!

  1. I’ve seen other peepz play Minecraft. I really need (and by that, I mean want) to play that game. O.o
    Cool, a Rapunzel and Astrid skin!

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