^ That’s sarcasm. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever studied in my life… Thinking… Nope, I haven’t! Studying is not my thing. I just can’t, you know? I’m like “I know this, this is completely pointless!” and therefore, I do not study.
In other news, I still have a 79.4 in math. I wonder if she’d be nice enough to bump it .6 up whenever progress reports come. I did get her one of those giant cupcakes last week for no reason. Maybe she’ll remember that. Hmm… I have a math test today… But I’m pretty sure I will get nothing less than 60%. I know that’s not gonna help my grade, but at least I will feel proud because a 60 is passing. Of course, I’m hoping for a 100, but that ain’t happenin’. I’m positive of THAT.
Okay, spammy timey over.



  1. I know you’ll get a 100 on your exam! YOU CAN DO IIIIT!
    Urgh! Those see-saw grades are soooo annoying! But I’m sure you can make it tilt to your favor!

  2. I have to study for tomorrow’s math test today.
    But it’s just 5 math problems in Multiplying fractions and then converting them to lowest terms. It’s too easy.
    But I took my math notebook home anyways just to look at all the pretty pictures. O:

    My other homework is to edit the school newspaper cover I made this morning (it took like 2 minutes lol but for some reason everyone loved it and so now I’m the one making the covers from now on I guess o.o)
    and all I really have to do is just seperate the words “News” and “Magazine”.

    I hope you get easy homework and stuff like I do soon or that you soon get like really really good at everything somehow. D:

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