Another spam post. Random thoughts, yay!

  • You know what I need? Two pet turtles with dove wings. Not two turtle doves.
  • You know, I’d just die if the hoard pets end up being Rares. But I know they’ll probably be Commons. B|
  • I’ve always REALLY wanted to do a Hunger Games RP, but there’s barely any where I don’t feel like the awkward duckling. T__T
  • Why is David Tennant’s face so magical?
  • I feel miserable! My miracle 94 is going to be lowered soon by the grade of Part 2! *thunder claps* Yeah…too bad I do not possess the ability to distinguish the difference between the definitions of red blood cells and capillaries. Holy crap! It turns out I actually do!
  • Much Ado About Nothing is out. I have no money to buy it.
  • Ferrin from The Beyonders is hysterical!
  • I want junk food!
  • And now…I shall go and work on Haud Nomen!

Oh, wait, random question! Er…how was your day? 8D

2 thoughts on “Another spam post. Random thoughts, yay!

  1. NOO! TT_TT I don’t have any more Cookie dogs, but I’ll look around and see if I can find any! ^^

    I know your grade won’t drop! ^^ You’ll end up with a 905% in that class!

    Gosh, that stinks! TT_TT

    Junk Food=YUM! ^^

    YAAAAAAY! ^^

    My day was good. I feel awful because I haven’t studied at all yet ^^” I think I’m noticing a pattern here… Hopefully it quits before Chem II! TT_TT

  2. Atleast it’s a B or an -A! (Asian F lol)
    I’m oh-so-excited for the Hunger Games movie to come out!!!!!!!!!!!!!And I would do it in CAPS if I haven’t been abusing them lately!! I’ve just finished Maze Runner which is pretty similar to the Hunger Games, it’s pretty good.
    Tennant’s face is extremely wonderful. 😀 just another mystery of life.
    My day was OK, I brought my sonic screwdriver to school and was horded in homeroom because everyone was fascinated by that foreign technology. My science exam sucked more than yours, I counted how many I didn’t know and it was around 30 T_T

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