Where’s Haud Nomen?

Yes, yes, good question.

Well, truthfully, I may seem like I’m pulling off another excuse– I guess I am, but hopefully it’s a teeny bit satisfactory.

The truth– I am slightly busy! D8 Well, apparently not busy enough, if I can spare time to watch some Merlin– but only one episode, I promise!

I’ve been preparing mostly a bit for my violin recital this week, as well as the fact that I got sick last week. Not cold-sick, actual sick, I slept for like 20 hours on Saturday and hallucinated that my hands were turning into chopped cubes at one point when I woke up at 3AM. Yeah, I don’t know either. And Geography Bee! *scream* (Yeah, I lost ;_;) The multiple rounds I was in caused me to miss a TON of classes and tests, so I had to make them up. I also had 4 projects, luckily 2 are finished and turned in. *crosses fingers* I hope they were good enough, my grades need a bit of raising. *pokes Science grade*

Right, and semester exams and benchmarks. *sigh* At least the benchmarks are over, but I despised them– the problem is, now summer school/getting held back a grade keeps looming in my thoughts because I don’t feel too great about the Science and Language benchmark.

Strangely enough, my Math grade is better than my Science. It scares me too.

I’ve got half of a future chapter stored in my head, though– yay!


3 thoughts on “Where’s Haud Nomen?

  1. It’s okay, I probably won’t get the 7th chapter of Reincarnation out for awhile.

    This week it was my school’s Christmas play and next week I have a bunch of stuff,(Like Spelling/Geography Bees) and then durning Christmas Break I’ll be seeing my family and then I’ll have Regionals and maybe State to prepare for in basketball…

    I hope you Can bring your science grade up. My science teacher is super picky and treats us like children. (We are children, but still- He thinks we can’t do anything science related…) And I did terribly on my last science project.

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