I’m the best studyer EVER!

I just spent, like, five valuable minutes of study time (because I’m now starting to feel pooped out TT_TT) on a pointless  Microsoft paint picture ^^”

See, Hiccup and I have lots in common! ^^ For example, a love for dragons and ancestors with lots of RAAAGE! Wait, also Dads with lots of RAAAGE!

I think I’m feeling rather punchy. WOOOOOOO… First it’s Mul-, then Terc-, then Quat- (or something), then Quinc- or something.

I guess the good thing about the History exam is that I”m not too worried about it ^^”

Hm, I can’t think of anything else interesting to put in this punch TT_TT

Goodnight, everybod–oh, haha! I wrote punch instead of post. I think I’ll just leave it there. WHEEE, being ditzy is FUN!



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