Smap (I can’t even spell Spam! TT_TT)

First off:

No matter what the professional actors say, it won’t change my mind: I LOVE WORKING WITH (younger) KIDS! They’re so much fun! I don’t know if any of the kids my age in the play would’ve invented an extremely over-complex background story for pretty much all of the characters (except, of course, my friend, Ms. Rogers (“And ladies’ hats a specialty!”)).

Needless to say, I love the theater program at my school! I can’t wait for more projects! ^^


Studying for a Latin III exam is possibly the worst thing I’ve ever done.

Like, legitimately.

It’s so difficult! I’ll look at something and be like, “OH, NO! I don’t know that!” But when I go to look it up I realize that I did know it. It’s hard to study something you’ve been tested on for the past two years (Latin III at my school is basically just applying the things you learned in Latin I, which you then learned how to apply in Latin II). I feel like I should study more, but I don’t know what else to study. AAAAAAH!

Anyway, I’ll be kind of busy until Tuesday ^^” Exams are really funky this year. We’ve got a weekend in the middle of them! Apparently, our school didn’t have enough attendance days (Aha, oops ^^”) so we have to extend first semester.

Am I the only one who always wants to spell “semester” like “symester”?

Sorry for this mega-spammy post! ^^” I hope to see you all soon! (If I survive the exams…)


4 thoughts on “Smap (I can’t even spell Spam! TT_TT)

  1. Umm… Just wondrin’, I thought Latin was a dead language? I thought Only archeologists, historians, and the demigods at Camp Jupiter spoke that.

    1. Oh, we don’t speak it! We just translate letters and stuff–it’s pretty cool! ^^

      We had to take a speaking exam in seventh grade, though ^^” We never got it graded, but I’m pretty sure I would’ve failed–I intentionally spoke really softly so that the recorder wouldn’t pick up my voice very well ^^”

  2. Gah, I envy you! I am so awkward around anyone that’s not my age ^^; (come to think of it, I’m awkward around everyone.)

    Theater is so much fun! (even though I’m um, awkward at it. durrhurr.)

    Eee, Latin sounds like a really difficult language! I wish you luck! T__T

    Exams, sigh. I’m lucky, our exams aren’t as complicated and tough! Again, I wish you luck!

    Haha, not at all! I think symester is a neat alternate spelling!

    1. Oh, don’t worry, I’m pretty awkward! Some of the sixth graders give me weird looks! ^^” But awkwardness is not always a bad thing! I’ve had plenty of good things happen as a result of awkwardness! ^^

      I doubt you’re awkward at theater! OMT, if we ever end up in the same town when we’re older or something, we should totally start a wandering theater/minstrel troop or something! ^^ But we’d have to find a bard, or at least someone who could play a lyre!

      It’s actually not all that hard! ^^” After you study it for two years, it gets kind of old hat ^^”

      Thanks so much for the luck! I feel like I really need it this year! ^^

      Symester looks weird! It looks like Sylvester or something… what if Symesters were named after this guy named Sylvester who decided that the year should have two season instead of four, but then all the scientists were like, “NOOO!” so he was like, “O.K.”. And then he went in his corner of shame. And then a bad guy walked in and was all like, “I’m a robber! RAAAH!” and then the scientists were all like, “OH NO AAAH!”, but the robber didn’t see Sylvester! So Sylvester got up and saved the scientists’ lives, but he died of a heart attack while fighting the robber, so the scientists were all like, “Aww, he died for us! That’s so nice! We should cut the school year in half and name it symester, in honor of his sacrifice.”

      So that’s what they did.

      Sorry, I get really spazzy late at night ^^” Zpassy. That’s a funny word!!

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