“You know I’ve been waiting on the other side and you, all you gotta do is cross the line”

When I am feeling uncreative I will just put the lyrics as a title >.>
The Other Side by Bruno Mars ft. Ceo Lo Green!
Anyone got any good memes to do?

I feel SO proud of myself because I got a Bruno Mars album and that is ALL I listen. Bad outcome. Count on me is stuck in my head >.>

Well, I feel so UN proud of myself cause I only have a little bit written for my secret santa. I have a good general idea but I have not gotten any dang time to write it. But my friend is helping me work on another thing so if I don’t finish the story my person won’t be so disappointed in me.  :/  Heya! RCG what do we do after we finish our story and when is it due? Just wondering! And for my blog I PROMISED my viewers a holiday story >.>. Promises oh promises. How annoying!

Well, I have to say I am very excited for the holiday benefit party to meet XAVIER! :D. I had a weird dream that the roof in the cafeteria was all slanted and it looked really weird. Then, these buses came and we all cheered cause the kids came! Xavier was sitting down and I was like he is so ‘little kid cute’ (a term to say I dont have a crush on a child) A when he got up he was taller than me! :o. And I am like 4’11 and…he was 7…weridest dream ever….and if Xavier is taller than me..I MIGHT AS WELL BE A GYSPY!

Also, speaking of more christmas stuff my mom is going to ‘suprise’ me this year, she said she has to get me a cheap present because of all the ITP hospital visit. Ya know I’d rather have a fairy grant me a wish to get rid of my ITP than MY MOM to get me a gift. I am expecting a nail set. Ick  :/. Useless, for me clothes for christmas= PURE USELESS. I would much rather get a set of ninja numchucks..now that would be an awesome present! Dont you think so? Or to meet Simon the sarcastic vampire <3.

Oh, as SC is doing I am thinking of changing my name to: Rue, Simons Vampire Bud. It is a hunger games and mortal instruments name! ^^. That is pure epic! I advise you all the read the mortal instruments PWEASEEE!

As usual Olivia and me are at it again! We have made a random role play blog! Enjoy! ^^.
Chronicles of the Twisted

Also, Olivia has written the 3rd chapter of Creators of the World and RCG’s character Elsi Quinn is being introduced. Why do I always think of Quinn Fabre when I hear her name >.> Too addicted to Glee 0.0
Creators of the World Chapter 3

Speaking of TV I haven’t watched MLP in an awful long time..

Ooh BTW what happened to Grant? I didn’t get his post…

I keep randomly changing the subject….




4 thoughts on ““You know I’ve been waiting on the other side and you, all you gotta do is cross the line”

  1. Yay! Count On Me brings so many happy memories. *sniffle* You have good taste in songs that get stuck in your head! 😀

    I’m sure you’ll be able to get your story done! I believe you send your story to Rainfall’s personal email once you’re done. That’s what I did anyway. ^^; I think the deadline is the 23rd of December.

    Aha, believe me, I know how annoying promises can be. I’m an absolute procrastination queen. Heck, I still haven’t completed my bit of an art trade me and Nireth did once, which was, like, six months ago! Shhhh…


  2. Awesome, it’s always fun to get new music! ^^

    Aww, don’t feel bad! I haven’t started on my project at all yet! ^^” I’m sure whatever you’ve got up your sleeve will be fantastic! ^^

    WHOA. That’s one tall kid! ^^

    Oh, no! I’m sure the wish fairy will find her way to you soon! ^^

    I’ll be sure to check out your website! But probably no time soon ^^” I’ve got mid-terms! TT_TT

  3. But Rue is SM’s nickname..kinda…. D:
    Anyway, wouldn’t a ninja sword be cooler than nunchucks?
    There’s so much one could do with a ninja sword….
    *starts daydreaming about swordfighting a shark*

    YOU HAVE BEEN ELIMINATEDDD~ >:D *laughs evily*

    …..Do not question my mental health. o.o It’s perfectly normal to fight a shark. With a ninja sword. o.o

  4. Memes, ooh, memes! I love them! I’ll see if I can search for some! ^^

    Yay, getting new music rocks!

    Hey, take your time! No rush, I love your idea. ^^ And yes, feel free to email me whenever you’re finished with it c:

    Holy poo, pretty tall! O_O

    Aw, I’m sorry about the gifts issue. T__T Haha, I do agree, those sound like epic gifts. x3

    Rue is like, the coolest Hunger Games character ever! Her and Foxface and Peeta are my total favorites, and your name would be totally awesome!

    YAY! I’m totally going to read it when I can! And me too, Quinn is the inspiration for Elsi’s last name! :la:

    *slaps head* I haven’t watched Doctor Who in the longest time ever and Sherlock Season 2 won’t come out ’til 2012. *slams head on table* It’s okay, I understand what you mean by MLP.

    Grant is currently banned from WTR. D: But however, he can still make posts via email! Yay!

    Hurrah, another chapter! :3

    See ya c:

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