Well, they’re still up, and now I have to post Nireth’s request!


That one is just RC in a princess-y dress dreaming about how she’d rather be watching HTTYD.

And this one is for Nireth!


Requests are still open. And I’ll take 3 at a time.

I’m going to paint my nails now… And bowling is really fun! I just got to order my ball! It’s neon green and orange, and the brand is freeze if you wanted to look it up! (freeze orange and neon green bowling ball)

I can’t wait for winter break! And for all your stories to come out!


16 thoughts on “Requests!

  1. I’d never put Camile in a fluffy dress. Or any other dress. I’ll warn you that she does in fact, bite. Hard. (Ask Anubis, he’d tell you.)
    Camile would run off to watch How to Train Your Dragon with RC.

    Your drawings are full of amazingness. (As always)

    1. BBahahaah. RC had to go to a Costume Ball. And Cobalt forced her, but he’s still missing. Probably doing what guys do.
      They would so make popcorn together and start having a pillow fight. Cept, it would get super brutal.

      I GOT A PENGUIN PILLOW PET. It’s soooo soft. It’s a PeeWee one :3

      Aww! Thanks! Your stories are full of amazingness!

      1. XD BtoB slumber party. I could see ML coming in and crashing it. Or joining it.

        Thanks. :3 I appreciate all the compliments I get. It keeps me writing, even if my brain happens to be fried.

        1. LOL yeah! Then wE would all dance to Ke$ha. XD

          Me too! I hate writing without knowing what other people think about it and I love chatting with peeps.

  2. That is awesomeness, my gurrrlll.

    I just watched Kung Fu Panda 2, so could you draw Pandora on Po’s shoulders and Po on Cobalt’s shoulders? And Cobalt would be all tired and irritated and RC’s on the side, holding out a radish for Po.


    I love it! ^^ SO MUCH!


    Oh, and what costume ball is RC going to? And where did she get her dress? ^^ MUAHAHA, i-DEA!

    1. D’aww! It’s not a problem! I loved drawing Hiccup! ^^

      She’s going to a masquerade style ball, but since she has runes on her face, she doesn’t need a mask!

      Cobalt got it for her! And I’m pretty sure that he got it from Mir!

      What’s the i-DEA?

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