Sign Ups Closed

Secret Santa sign ups have been closed, and the people you have been assigned are currently being distributed via email. If have you anymore inquiries, feel free to email me! (You know how to find it! ;))

To review, send your gifts to me by December 23rd. There will be a stickied post on Christmas Eve displaying all the gifts. Approximately a week later, a picture of the generated names from the Secret Santa generator (aka, who your Secret Santa was) will be posted.

Unless you decided to stay completely anonymous! Feel free to remind me if you wanted to stay completely anonymous, because I sort of have a miserable memory. ^^;


7 thoughts on “Sign Ups Closed

    1. I won’t be here on Christmas – I’m leaving for the Philippines on the 10th or something! I’ll try my best to finish the gift so that my person doesn’t end up sad and empty-handed, but if I don’t manage to finish it, could you please tell them that I was extremely sorry and hope they have a Merry Christmas IRL? Thank youuu. 😉

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