TN in highschool

Chapter 1: More modern

I walked back in the cottage. I felt great I just hung around The Great River and practiced sword fighting and other things.

“Oh, Randy. Since, Master Chan died. You have no friends! I have signed you up for high school!” Karen said.

I stopped right in my tracks. HIGH SCHOOL? I am not that stupid. I have been home schooled and I like know everything.

“But…but I don’t want to! No one will like me!” I exclaimed. Half the world thinks I some nerdy weirdo. I don’t need anymore friends. I have friends in Mir and surely none of them went to a “high school”

“Also, I put your name in as Cynthia since you have such a guyish name. And you will be going to a school a little from the main part of Mir.” She said. I groaned now I am not going to be able my real name. That is the whole reason I changed my name from Cynthia to Randy. I needed to escape my old life and a reminder. GREAT.

“NOT FAIR!” I exclaimed and lightning flashed outside. My eyes flashed and I walked away.

High school was going to be terrible and worst of all I was a fresh man. I groaned. I lay down on my bed and I fell asleep.

“Wake up Cynthia! We are going clothes and school shopping!” She called. I groaned and covered my head with my fluffy pillow.

“First of all I AM NOT CYNTHIA and I AM NOT GOING SHOPPING Let me just wear a shirt with a chinese symbol and a pair of pants.” I grumbled and got out of bed.

“Nope. Let me get you some…” She trailed on. Now, I know why I stayed so far from my Aunt Karen. I put on a shirt that read in english “He who isn’t strong shall not come through” and a pair of blue sweat pants.

We walked to the nearest clothing store. All I saw were fancy frilly, dresses.

“Am I wearing those?” I asked.

“No actually I have decided to send you to a school outside of Mir. It is much more modern.” She said. Modern? I was still getting used to how to use a computer and a cellular phone.

Karen walked outside of the borders and there were giant buildings. “Burger King” “McDonalds” What were these strange places?

If your confused i thought Mir was more olden dayish.

Would any of your Botb characters like to be in my story? If so who or what will they be like?



5 thoughts on “TN in highschool

  1. Put Tridah in the story! I know she’s a bit young for high school, but she could be there undercover working on a mission from someone or something like that..
    Oh and she’d be all like “HAIIIIIIIIIIII ROOMIE WHERE’S MIRANDAAA? :O” because you know how she practically yells at everyone every second of the day.Think of that one annoying loud person everyone knows who seems to be everywhere- she’s kinda like that.Except for she has magical powers AND THE POWER OF PENCILS. Because nothing is pencil-proofed. Andand she likes to stare at her pencil all day during class although she’s still an A/B student somehow.Which makes absolutely no sense, because her actual schooling when she was an elf stopped when she was in third grade.
    But then again, elves ARE supposedly quite smart, so she must’ve been learning quite a lot at that level if she can get A’s and B’s in-
    I’m over-thinking this.

  2. Oooh! Highschool never ends whoah-oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh whoahaaahhhh.

    RC actually lived on Earth, so she knows everything about Highschool, seeing as though she’s a Junior.

    But if you put her in you don’t have to call her RC, you can call her Raelynn

    She would be eager to help you, but easily distracted. Mostly by Cobalt… Who is her boyfriend/body guard xD She also frequently has her hat on her short crimson and earbuds in her ears. :3

  3. If you make Camile a few years older or smart enough to be bumped up a year, you could put her in High School. [She’s actually in 8th Grade, by the way, even though Camile’s story has probably mentioned the 7th Grade.]
    Personality: A bit hyper at times, and it’s super hard to change her mind at first, but she’ll give in… eventually. Camile’s pretty friendly and loyal. She’s smart(ish), though she can be a bit ditzy at times.
    She’s a Daughter of Nut who can’t control most of her powers, except lightning.
    And her science fair project would probably be about lightning.

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