Alpha and Omega Character Sign-Up

Yet another BYO character story. Please make a character! 😉

Saved characters must be made by December 5th! Kidding! But no more letters available.

In Religion, we read the bit in the Bible where Jesus goes, “I’m the Alpha and the Omega; the beginning and the end.” And I went, “DING!” I got an idea for a story!

SO here are the rules for signing up. All characters must be aged between 13-17. They can have a small power and their names must be a name of a letter from the Greek alphabet. Here is a table from Wiki of all the letters:

Αα Alpha Νν Nu
Ββ Beta Ξξ Xi
Γγ Gamma Οο Omicron
Δδ Delta Ππ Pi
Εε Epsilon Ρρ Rho
Ζζ Zeta Σσς Sigma
Ηη Eta Ττ Tau
Θθ Theta Υυ Upsilon
Ιι Iota Φφ Phi
Κκ Kappa Χχ Chi
Λλ Lambda Ψψ Psi
Μμ Mu Ωω Omega

0 left.

Abilities/Talents: (non-magical)
Power/s: (optional)

You can simply comment your character down below or email me! Most of you know how to find my email. >3< Okay, here’s a filled out form for Alpha to give you examples of what I mean in the form, even though you’ll all know what I mean already.

Name/Letter: Αα | Alpha Genevieve
Gender: Female
Age: 16
Personality: Despite her name, Alpha is usually shy, but she’s kind and caring. She likes things to be organised but occasionally is spontaneous. She is adventurous when she’s on her own and loves to write in her diary. Alpha is clumsy and seemingly a daydreamer. She judges a lot of things and people correctly and will share anything with people she love. She’s a person who loves to delve deep into a book.
Appearance: She has dark brown hair (almost black). It’s shiny, goes down to her bust and she has bangs. Her eyes are very light blue and she’s quite pale, with several freckles on her face. She believes she is of average beauty, but she doesn’t see the amazing beauty that no one else sees either.
Abilities/Talents: She is flexible and very agile. She is also a good singer, even though she hardly ever sings. And she has tremendous willpower.
Weaknesses/Phobias: She’s persistent and it usually leads to bad things happening. And once she starts investigating something she can’t stop or she won’t sleep for ages. Alpha is also little gullible.
Power/s: She can create small amounts of light. She is also involved in Chaos somehow (the nothingness from which all else sprang from), meaning she is the Keeper of Space and Time. (Although it doesn’t really count as a power because her only duty as Keeper is to stay alive and she isn’t given any special powers from that.)

ANDDD Alpha, Beta, Omega and all the names below can’t be taken.

So… get submitting! 😀



Kappa (TN)
Alpha (me)
Beta (me)
Gamma (me)
Delta (me)
Epsilon (Rainfall)
Theta (Rainfall)
Zeta (me)
Sigma (Ana)
Mu (Nirry)
Chi (TN)


Omega (me)
Eta (me)
Upsilon (me)
Phi (me)
Psi (me)
Tau (me)
Lambda (me)
Pi (me)
Nu (me)

Currently Saved:

Rho (BatCat)
Iota (BT)
Xi (ST)
Omicron (SM)
Kappa (TN)


23 thoughts on “Alpha and Omega Character Sign-Up

  1. I am making 2 OK?

    Name/Letter: Omega Lillith

    Gender: Female

    Age: 15

    Personality: Just like her name which is the last letter of her name. Omega is extremely shy and is most definitely not a people person. She is often related to as a bunny. She is shy but is very smart and good with numbers. She always likes to be burying her headin something homework,a drawing or a book so she can avoid conversating with other people. Her closest friends are her animals. She is down to earth and chilled out.

    Appearance: She has long caramel hair and bangs thay cover her eyes. She has huge green eyes that have a youthful look to them. She has a down earth look to her.

    Abilities/Talents: She is a master at anything with a pen and paper. Math, drawing you name it. She is also good at growing plants they thrive and are very big. She also has a talent with animals they are not scared of her.

    Weakness/Phobia: She doesn’t like doing anything that involves facing a lot of people. She hates doing speeches or oral reports. She is very stubborn and when her mind is set to something it will take a whole lot of convincing to do so. Extremely shy.

    Power: Animals. Anything you name it. Talking, commanding, understanding or even communicating with dead animals.

    [Drat no time to make a Kappa for me]

    1. Oops, I forgot to mention that Alpha, Beta and Omega can’t be taken! D: My apologies. I’m going to add it in there. And sure, I will save Kappa for you. 😉

    2. You can just change the letter if you want because making a whole new character will probably be inconvenient for you. XD

    1. Name/Letter: Θθ | Theta Healia
      Gender: Female
      Age: 14
      Personality: Theta’s the girl who waits. The main attribute to her is that she’s patient and willing to wait copious amounts of time. She’s a bit of a dreamer, and tells herself constantly that there’s someone out to magically rescue her from her life. She’s always looking but never finds anything. Her constant disappointment makes her a slightly bitter and gloomy person, though she tends to mask her misery and stiffness.
      Appearance: Short black hair, elfish features, ice blue eyes
      Abilities/Talents: She can sing. Her voice is rather ethereal and glass-like, not the kind of strong, echoing voice you would find in listening to others like Adele. She’s a bit hidden about her other talents, if she even has any.
      Weaknesses/Phobias: Dependent on her delusions and dreams, melancholic, fear of the loss of her mysterious “hero”, not a fear of falling– though the fear of landing. (not literally, but in a metaphorical sense.), reckless when it comes to her “hero”, clumsy, unable to let go of things
      Power/s: None.

      Name/Letter: Εε | Epsilon Perennial
      Gender: Female
      Age: 17
      Personality: Epsilon’s a butt kicking person. She takes crap from no one. She’s not really a “tough cookie”, or a typical, bitter and violent person, but she’s headstrong and likes to take the course of action. She’s still sensible and able to keep a level head.
      Appearance: Long, golden-blonde hair, brown eyes, tall
      Abilities/Talents: Fast runner, charming. Don’t mess with her either, you might find yourself lacking several limbs.
      Weaknesses/Phobias: Cocky, easy to manipulate, easy to tempt, hard to shake off, insistent
      Power/s: Not necessarily invisibility, but she can give the impression that she’s not there. Particularly strong people can see through her manipulation.

  2. Name/Letter: Sigma! 😀
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14

    Personality: Not too loud and not too quiet, but she has this thing for making her mark everywhere she goes, by putting her signiture on everything- walls, peices of cement, you name it. And there’s always this special quill she carries around….

    Appearance: medium sized black hair that goes to her shoulders, circular thick black framed glasses, dark brown eyes, she’s always wearing something purple or white or black, and always carrying her quill.
    Her fave outfit is a purple dress that goes down to her knees and a giant puffy white fake fur scarf and some white socks with size 8 dress shoes. xD

    Abilities/Talents: (non-magical) She can kinda sing well, and has a tendency to sing at people instead of talk to them. Her parents are kinda rich but they leave her to herself so in her spare time she goes outside of the apartment and sings at random people. This made her make friends with quite a lot of random people, and she’s always talking to SOMEONE.
    However, at school she is quite quiet and concentrates on school work and the teacher, and insists on wearing a big grey T-shirt, a navy blue sweater, and some navy blue pants to school (without the scarf, of course).
    She seems to have a knack for remembering stuff, and she can quote the textbooks and understand every single word they say- which to me seems quite an ability to have. xD

    Weaknesses/Phobias:Confronting people she knows from school in the real world…Although she carries around a big quill pen everywhere,she’s still very different in class from when she’s in the real world.
    She hates the idea of being lonely, and although she knows just about every random stranger out there, she doesn’t have any friends in class and that makes her sad. :c

    Power/s: (optional) Her magical quill pen is somehow magically binded to her, she can never lose it, it never runs out of ink, and the ink is permanent unless she wants to make it invisible to everyone but a specific person or a couple of specific people. Some people say Sigma’s so attached to the pen, that it’s actually part of her.

    Miscellaneous: Sigma’s signature is “Sigma” in cursive. xD
    Also, she is very protective of her quill pen.

    Errr….Oh gawd I just randomly thought up this character and I’m starting to like her a bit……..Don’t mind me, I’ll just be in this corner making fan art or something…..(Also, in a couple minutes I’ll have to go to school :c )
    Um……..yeah….so……… HAVE A NICE DAY! XD

  3. Would you mind if I took Mu? ^^”

    Name/Letter: Μμ | Mu Cella (Or should I go with Mu Fasa? ^^)

    Gender: Female (If you need more guys, just tell me and I’ll make the necessary adjustments!)

    Age: 15

    Personality: A complete and total scaredy-cat. She hardly ever speaks,but she’s not shy–she’s just scared that she might hurt someone’s feelings. She isn’t too bright, and she’s well aware of that, so she never tries to institute herself as a leader. She has really low self confidence, but she loves everyone. (Her stupidity kind of blinds her to underlying sarcasm and whatnot.)

    Appearance: She has large, dark-blue eyes and looks like she’s about to cry. She’s very short (Like 4’5″ or 4’6″) and average weight.

    Abilities/Talents: She has a very good sense of when people are in emotional distress, and she often knows just what to say or do to help them. She’s also VERY loyal, so while she might go down without a fight, she’d never be a turncoat. Her small size also allows her to be a very good spy; her stupidity leads people to trust her easily.

    Weaknesses/Phobias: She’s pretty much scared of everything. She’s really a coward, and will only face her fears if someone holds her hands most of the way (or she sees that her friends are in a situation FAR beyond their control); she’s not very strong, she’s not very smart so things take a lot of explaining for her to understand them.

    Power/s: She has an almost hypnotic affect on people and can use that to GRADUALLY change people’s minds (for instance, she couldn’t just look at a kidnapper and have them instantly want to release her or anything like that; it would take time). However, she hates this power, so she almost NEVER uses it. It’s only for emergencies!

    (I based this profile on the fact that μ is used for micro-meters. If you need a more diverse character, just let me know! ^^)

    Feel free to change her/not use her/do whatever you want! Your story sounds like it’s going to be awesome–I can’t wait to read it! ^^

  4. Name/Letter: Omicron Ruin
    Gender: Male
    Personality: Omicron is very quiet and shy. He normaly never speaks, but when he does, he talks very quietly. Appearance: He has short brown hair and skin is peach. He is scrawny and is 5 feet and 2 inches.
    Abilities/talents: Omicron knows some karate, but he is only a yellow belt. He’s very loyal to his friends.
    Weaknesses/Phobias: He will never speak up when when something is wrong. He is scared of spiders because when he was little, one bit him, causing him to almost die. He often has flashbacks of this at random times.
    Powers: Omicron can run faster than everybody.
    Uhhh that’s all I can think of. XD

  5. Name: Rho Braid

    Gender: Male

    Age: 15

    Personality: Pretty loud. And never shuts up. What I mean by never, is that when you need him to be quiet, you need to duct tape his mouth shut. He’s pretty loyal, and hates betrayal of any sort. Will speak out even if not spoken to.

    Appearance: Blond hair, that’s cut short-ish. But not military cut. He’s 6’3 and has light green eyes. Is very athletic.

    Weaknesses: Never shuts up, and hates long nails. Screechy noises too. Isn’t very fond of beer either. Like the smell. And people who drink. (El Pandoro would probably give him a heart attack.)

    Powers: Depending on his tone of voice, he can control people. Never doing it to his friends of course! Mostly just convinving the teachers he did his homework.

    And, if it’s okay with Nireth as well, could Rho like Mu? ^-^;; I think it would be kiinda cute!

  6. Name: Kappa David

    Age: 16

    Gender: Male

    Peronsality: The quiet mysterious sort. He is like a silent shadow yet beautiful. You always have to stop and stare to think he has a deadly secret of some sort. His face is set in a thin smirk. He prefers hiding is emotions from his friends. He is very friendly and kind to people. But would much prefer looming over in a dark corner or propping his back against a tree, his hood up and hands stuffed in his pocket.

    Appearance: Long chocolate brown hair and sparkling hazel eyes. He is taller than your average 16 year old. He is a little more on the athletic side with well toned legs.

    Abilties/Talents: He is very fast and has a good stamina. He could run for miles if he had that kind of time. He is a very convincing writer.

    Weaknesses/Phobias: He is scared of people figuring him out what he is hiding. He can not stand cheerful people it just makes him depressed. Lastly, he has a severe disadvantage to flying. He hates the sky, airplanes, climbing you name it.

    Powers: He has the ability to communicate with the dead and control shadows

    I also hope if it is OK with Rainfall if he liked Epislon?

  7. Okay, here it goes.

    Name/Letter: Ξξ Xi
    Gender: Female
    Age: 13
    Personality: Xi is a generally resereved person, she’s not exactly the person you’d see about sharing her feeling. She doesn’t like it when people know how she feels, so she keeps an emotionless mask, but inside all those feelings are at war. Xi is mostly friendly, just don’t start with all the gushy stuff.
    Appearance:Light, caramel brown hair, with black eyes. Her hair is up to her waist, and she normally puts it in two braids.
    Weaknesses/Phobias: Xi is sorta calusterphobic, and doesn’t like being somewhere with a lot of people. She’s fine in a small place with just herself, btu it just won’t do if it’s a place (regardless if large or small)with a lot of people.
    Power/s: Xi can cause the feeling of panic that can affect anyone near her.

    Xi can like anyone/or not like anyone. I don’t care. 🙂

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