Requests still open!

As the title says, the requests are still open. I just wanted to post the ones I was done with. :3

That’s Weslee for Mara’s awesomesauce story.

The 10th Doctor and Rainfall! D’aww Destiny’s Couples!!

Lookie! It’s Cobalt!

And here is SC’s Neko that I messed up on so much!! I am so sorry! I know you wanted a Black or White furred/haired neko, but the bushy hair and expression reminded me of Dingo from EoP! If you want me to do another one, please tell me!

And to everyone else, I am still open for requests, but they may go slower seeing as though school starts back up tomorrow.

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor Who (though if I did Rainfall would most definitely be paired with the 10th Doctor!


5 thoughts on “Requests still open!

    1. Aww! I love yours more than you love mine!!

      I knew you would want either Hiccup or a dragon!

      And once I finish this drawing I’ll start on Hiccup!

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