I saw an awesome video today.

The animation’s awesome.

The story is awesome.

It’s just epic.

and it’s Nyan Cat.

And his girlfriend Myan Cat, I’ll call her.

However, I don’t recommend it if you’re weak at the heart. I cried every time at the very end.

I just loved it. *looks for other nyan cat vids made by that user*


Remember that Nyan’s never alone.


8 thoughts on “I saw an awesome video today.

  1. I think the fireball was because of TAC NAYN. If you never heard of him, that’s the evil version of Nyan Cat. There’s going to be another video made by this guy where those two battle.

  2. *Applause* That was Beautiful! [And better than most romance movies I’ve ever watched.]

  3. I remember watching this a few months ago. It’s quite a sad story. But I’m used to sad/scary stories so it wasn’t too sad for me.

    Nyan Cat, forever! :3

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