Reincarnation: Characters

11/22/15: This post is over 3 years old, are you sure you want to continue? *Most opinions listed below have most likely changed.

I know there are a bunch of Stickied Posts, but I’m keeping this up so I can reference to it while I write.
Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause.

•Submitting is over.

**Your reincarnation can be a girl/guy even if your character is of the opposite gender.**

Hayden Dezirae Conrad- Hermes[BatCat]
Rebecca Longsphere- Iris[BT]
Amalie Diana Clarcity- Hestia[TN]
December Cathleen Cael- Hecate[Rainfall]
Aurah Kendra Naughtam- Amphitrite[Nireth]
Carter Emus Huber- Dionysus[Nireth]
Sasha Nicole Alexander- Athena[SC]
Cassandra- Cassandra the Oracle[SC]
Clarity- Hades[Ana]
Emrys Soren- Apollo[Rainfall]
Lily Li- Aphrodite[Lily]
Amelie Brooke Carston- Poseidon[Phoenix]
Callum Vincent Grayson- Eros[TN]
Shaelynn Parker- Artemis[ST]
Kyle- Known in later chapters.[SC]


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