Finally, I am off and oh it is Thursday so happy thanksgiving all of you! I hope you have lots of fun like I will. My morning is really boring cause I am just doing stupid reading project on jack london. I hate him he is a terrible author. But Call of the Wild was a really good book in my opnion.

And I am also having a freak out moment because I got 3 C’s in reading. A C for a test and 2 C’s for classwork. -.- And it is only the beginning of the year. I got an F on a classwork in math and I have a B for science! This is plainly terrible how can I ever raise up these grades. A terrible way to start off second quarter. -.- *nerd moment*

Also, our school has graffiti so only one person can go to the bathroom at the time and only 4 bathrooms are open for each gender. O.o. Also, police officers have been in our school a lot. It is totally weird.

Also, I addicted to this show called my little pony friendship is magic. I know it sounds stupid but it is a very good show. I have to say I like Apple Blossom, Apple Jack and Twilight Sparkle a lot(:

Watch the first episode:


Oh, this post is supposed to be about thanksgiving..HAPPY THANKSGIVING EVERYONE!

happy thanksgiving image

Poor turkeys. I have always wondered why we have eaten turkey from thanksgiving. *derp moment* You mustn’t forget I am not really american so I have like no idea about some things. xP.

Also, remember that holiday benefit party I was doing to help kids? We got a boy named Xavier. jiamin has to do crafts alone with him so Indy teased that Xavier would have a crush on her xD. I am really excited to get presents for him. He want board games, beyblades and handheld games. Due to my experience with having all male cousins and kids from camp I know what they are. Indy wants to buy all gangster clothes for him. I think that would be really cute to have a mini gangster ^^.  We are going to the mall saturday so I am very very excited!

I have been working on a few stories! ^^.


Oh, and what is your favorite thanksgiving food?


3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving!

  1. Hey, C’s aren’t that bad! And not to mention: It’s best to get bad grades in the beginning! That way, you have LOTS of time to regain your high grades! ^^

    Oooh! Welcome to the herd! ^^

    Aww, I feel bad for Turkeys, too! TT_TT And, to be honest, I don’t know why they get eaten during Thanksgiving ^^”

    Oh, I can’t wait to read your stories! ^^

  2. Happy Thanksgiving! c:

    Jack London?! He’s that guy who wrote The Unparalleled Invasion! (weird story, from what I’ve seen of the synopsis.)

    Hey, it’s okay! You’ll always be able to raise those grades up! Look at me, I turned an 81 into a 92 within a month! Don’t despair over rades. ^^

    Eep, that sounds rather strange!

    Haha, maybe I should check out MLP! ^^ (but then again, Rainfall has enough obsessions at the moment…*continues staring at Sherlock and the Doctor dreamily*)

    The Son of Neptune is a great book! 😀

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