Guess who has nothing to do!

If you guessed BatCat, then you’re correct. Since I have no computer right now, I decided that I’d either take Drawing requests, or you can tell me which story to get working on.

Request info:

Give a description of what you want, and uh… If you want people, limit it to 2 maybe? I’m not good with scenes.

And if you want me to color it, provide a color scheme or it’s gonna get crazy. 😀 I’ll only take up to 3 requests at a time… Just an FYI




Body Type:




Then if you want me to continue a story, here’s some info on them:

Valkyrie Blood: It would be from Rikki’s point of view, and that one sneaky guy would make an appearance.


Shadowslayer Saga: Vampire killings and guts and gore and Rob and Layla make up possibly.

Elements of Plaid: Lizzie doesn’t find out about Chris being a warlock, and the meeting occurs.


8 of Spades: Kat goes to school and gets annoyed by Ace, dunno what POV that will be in yet.  We also find out that Ace has the power of hypnotism. And has glasses

Even if you want a request, you’re welcome to tell me what to do for the stories.


@Mara: Check your email for my submission!


@Nireth: I saw dragon duct tape! But my mom said I should get the splatter paint pattern instead…  But I saw it!


Have a great Thanksgiving or Thursday!

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4 thoughts on “Guess who has nothing to do!

  1. Cool, requests! ^-^

    Can I request the Doctor (10th reincarnation, but 11 or 9 or 4 is fine– which ever is easier for you to draw!) and Rainfall being dorky together? I’m not sure how to fill out the form properly, but if you need me to, just tell me!

    Doctor refs:





    And SS! Muahahahhahaha! Or even VB, so I can read about Reila pushing Bain into a pool of sharks! ^^ (Or even 8OS!!! 8D AND EoP IS COOL! 8DDD)

  2. You can draw me a Neko. With black and white fur/hair. I don’t care otherwise. I’m just curing your boredom.

    I like Valkyrie Blood and Elements of Plaid.

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