Happy Early Thanksgiving (which is tomorrow!)

I love google. Here’s something that kept me busy for fifteen minutes: http://g.co/doodle/ab23hc

I really feel bad for turkeys, though. Us humans call it Thanksgiving…turkeys probably think of it as The Mysterious Time When a lot of Turkeys Go Missing week or Turkey Slaughter Day…

And for those of you who don’t celebrate Thanksgiving…Happy Early Use Even If Seal Is Broken Day! (It’s real)

Anyways, I feel so victorious! A few days ago, I had a swim meet, which was really fun, except for the coach put me in the two-hundred meter freestyle event. I was pretty nervous, and in my heat (the events are separated into heats, which are basically races because all the swimmers can’t race at the same time) I tied with another girl…or so I thought! *dramatic music* I got my results today, and turns out I actually beat her by .22 seconds. AKA I beat her by half a second. I feel like getting up and dancing!

Also, I started on another oil painting. It was of this vase with a rose, and originally, I was going to paint four different versions of them in the Hogwarts colors, and I started with Slytherin, but I ended up thinking it looked like it was molded out of slime so I painted over it. Here’s the finished version:

I guess it turned out okay, just I can still see some green 😐 But I like it 🙂

I watched Mulan for the trillionth time today, and I am SO obsessed now! I completely love it! Disney just doesn’t make movies like it used to. *sigh* I particularly loved this song, I’ve been humming it all day:

Oh, and one last thing. I’m writing a new story, based off Percy Jackson. I’m having trouble making up random charactors, so if any of you have any charactors (they can be campers, mortals, nymphs, etc.) please email me at theonewhoflys@gmail.com 😀 I’d appreciate it!


7 thoughts on “Excited!

  1. Whoaa! *Dies from awesomeness* Someone needs to put a frame around that painting and put it in the Art Museum.

    I recently watched Mulan. You’re never too old to watch the old Disney Classics. (My sister, who will be going to college next year, absolutely loves The Lion King. And I gotta admit I gotta a love for The Princess and the Frog.)

    If brain is un-fried after Thanksgiving, I’ll make a character. Do you have a sheet or something to fill out?

    1. Ofcourse, I’m not completely sure what I need yet (will make another post about it) but so far, I just need name, physical appearance, parents, personality, and (optional) special notes (ex. Weapon or handicapped or something)

  2. Huh, what a strange holiday!

    Lulz, congratulations on your swim meet!

    OMR, it looks really cool! 😀 I am so jelly of your art classes now, I’d kill to learn how to oil paint :/

    Mulan is an AMAZING movie. I particularly like Reflection, but I’ll Make a Man Out of You is awesome too! MYSTERIOUS AS THE DARK SIDE OF THE MOOOOON!

  3. WHOA! Fabulous drawing! I wish I had your talent! That’s truly incredible–it looks REAL! Fantastic job! ^^

    OMT, Mulan is totally awesome! ^^ I wish that video was a purchasable music video on iTunes or something TT_TT

  4. You can paint infintyx better than the 2 best artists in my class…
    me and Jenny…
    GREAT JOB! 😀

    MULAN FTW! Disney makes movies with CGI nowadays,
    but it’s not the same.

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