My dad has done the unspeakable…

Oh, but ima speak about it so I guess it is sepakable. Anyway, I do remember saying that all I wanted to do on thanksgiving was buy a thanksgiving dinner, and have it delivered to our house. Then, I’d take it upstairs and eat my share while being on the PHC and rping. But my dad doesn’t wanna hear it! it’s my birthday all over again! He has to drag me off to someplace I don’t want to go to. This time, I’m missing school in Wednesday to go to stinkin’ Idaho! Ughh! WHY? I don’t want to miss school and I don’t want to go to Idaho.
Sorry. I always write here just to say how annoying my dad is. But… I have to remind myself… He’ll be gone in a month again… I only has to put up with him till January…


6 thoughts on “My dad has done the unspeakable…

  1. I know how you feel. My mom likes dragging me places I really don’t wanna go to. I alaways say: “Sure Mom, I don’t care. :)”, but I really do care and know she’ll drag me to wherever anyway, unless my dad is willing to rescue me.

    Have fun in Idaho.

  2. Idaho……..
    I’ve never been there. O:
    I’m spending Thanksgiving at home with my mom, not celebrating it because…..Err she doesn’t celebrate it and so…Well….
    Uhh, my dad’s going to Connecticut (he told me and then i asked what state Connecticut is in and then he was all like “O_o” ) and then he’s gonna be going to parties and stuff with his feonce.. e.o
    So basically I’m gonna spend my Thanksgiving doing homework and eating chocolate and going on xat xD

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