The Muppets-Pictures in My Head

With Disney’s newest movie,”The Muppets” coming out in only two days,you can highly expect clips and songs to be leaked online. Well,I found this one song from the movie titled “Pictures In My Head.” It’s sung by Kermit the Frog,and it’s mainly where he walks down the halls of his mansion looking at pictures of all the Muppets…

The scene begins with Gary (played by Jason Segel),Mary (played by Amy Adams),and Walter (played by Walter) driving around,looking for Kermit’s house. Where could it be? Maybe behind those wrought-iron gates with Kermit’s face ingraved into them?

Their first idea to get into the house is to fold up Walter and tossing him over the fence. Unfortunately,there’s an electric fence up there (Which,as Walter notes,isn’t what you’d expect from Kermit,which obviously means something’s up).

One shocking (Eh,Wocka Wocka! LOL) gag later,and while Walter is asking Gary to try again,Kermit lets them in.

Inside,before the trio can even ASK Kermit what they want,his 80’s robot comes by to serve them drinks- 80’s drinks. (Tab Clear,New Coke,that kinda stuff.)

The trio tell Kermit about the Muppet Theater being in danger (see the trailer for some set-up).Unfortunately,the main problem is that they’ll have to round up the entire Muppet gang,and Kermit doubts their chances of that. Why? Because he’s afraid he’s burned those bridges.

Now,this is where the song comes in. Here are the lyrics to it:

Is there more I could have said?

Now they’re only pictures in my head.

That’s why my green is feeling grey

Sometimes even frogs have rainy days.

[Looking at painting of Electric Mayhem] Remember when the stage caved in when you were rocking out?

[Looking at painting of the Swedish Chef] Who’d have thought your smorgasbord would be hard to live without?

If we could do it all again, just another chance to entertain

Would anybody watch or even care?

Or did something break we cant repair?

[Looking at a picture of Gonzo] Your cannonball trajectory, it always gave me hope.

[Looking at a picture of Fozzie] They may have been unbearable but I still loved your jokes

Is there more I could have said?

Now they’re only pictures in my head.

[There’s a break in the song during which the paintings come to life with the Muppets themselves appearing in the frames. They all have something to say. One nice touch is the dry ice pouring off of the Electric Mayhem’s stage and over the bottom edge of their picture frame]

[Kermit and the Muppets from the pictures singing together] Could we do it all again, make them laugh like we did then?


We could harmonise for one more song,

Now I’m standing here instead.

Now they’re only pictures in my head




And then the scene fades.. Revealing Kermit’s stood on the spot and never stepped away from his guests. We’ve literally been watching pictures in his head. This scene was a very moving moment,and one of the single best things I’ve heard all weekend.Disney’s The Muppets comes out November 23rd.


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