Off for break!

This is just copied from my journal on dA.


Yeah, my computer is a useless, but pretty brick.
So I won’t be uploading anything, and if I don’t get a new computer I’m selling my tablet. <.<  Prolly on amazon or something.
Anyways, my birthday is tomorrow and I’m super excited! Bowling is very fun, and this wireless keyboard is easy to type on now.
Details on computer death: Power went out, and I turned the laptop off to save the battery on it. Power comes back on, I try to turn it on, and it’s dead. Dad tries everything, still won’t turn on.
And it’s also 1 month and half out of warrenty! Yay!!! I blame my dad, because it was his work computer before it was my computer. And it’s like 3 years old, which I didn’t remember. Haha.
Anyways, for those in the US, enjoy your Thanksgiving break!


6 thoughts on “Off for break!


    Will you still be able to check your e-mail?

    Happy birthday, though! At least you won’t be distracted by computery things for a while ^^”

    I hope your computer gets well soon! Or I hope someone gets you a brand new computer! That would be exciting ^^

    1. Oh I can still go on stuff, I just can’t upload things! And thank you very much for the Epica EP! My dad should be reedeeming it soon!

      Getting a new computer would be exciting!

  2. Ack! that’s horrible luck, unless you’re going to get a better new one, in which it would be fantastic horrible luck!

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