The voices in my head e.o

Heya! I survived school! Except Spanish cause I was absent for like 2 days. NUUU! I MISSED SCHOOL! :U! I am such a nerd..

Well, all my friends thought my friend jiamin killed me. So I am a “ghost who is solid.” I am solid cause the ancstral spirits liked me. I said I was going to haunt Indy and Jiamin in the lunch room. Then, everyone was like staring at me..o.o

Also, in health we were doing CPR! It was super awkward doing it to dummies. I CANT SPELL AWKWARD! UNLESS SPELL CHECK HELPS ME!!

Well, also I am working on this anime drawing of this guys. My voices in my head made me.

“How come you never draw guys? Are you like sexist or something?”

Me: “NO! I just suck..”

“Well, then..”

*insert bickering here*

Ya, this is how I got here. Yes, I talk to myself…o.o Is that to much info?

I am really excited for the secret santa! I am probably going to draw some anime then be like “EW IT IS HIDEOUS!” Then, write a short story and be all like “It could be better..” Then, the person ends up liking it..If you hate it then sorry! TT-TT. I good at music not writing or drawing. BAH TO MY LIMITED ABILITES!

Well, ta ta! I also got really bored so I decided to write a story about TN going to High School. Oh, and Creators of the World is on my blog. I will put up a link. Characters introduced: Tio(Batcats) and Kayla(Olivias) First chapter is by Olivia and second by Me 😀

Ta ta for real!

Kisses, Wishes and Tacos

EDIT: Oh this is where you can read Creators of the World Chap 1 and Chapter 2

Sorry, Batcat if we ruined your character..We thought it would be funny if he acted like that. Feel free to make another one! ^^.

EDIT: I did it..but it is waay to sketchy..-.-. Maybe, i will erase them and make them more it is ok for my first guy…0.0

yuck my scanner sucks..-.-

TEE HEE! ^^.


3 thoughts on “The voices in my head e.o

  1. Thank goodness! It’s always tough trying to survive school. *sigh*

    A ghost that’s solid! Ha, that’s original!

    Ooh, I can imagine– sounds very awkward. T__T


    Aw, you don’t suck! D:

    You don’t have limited abilities, at all! I bet your Secret Santa will be great!


    Hugs and butterfly kisses!


    Oh, I totally wish I could draw guys TT_TT I don’t think your aversion to drawing dudes has anything to do with your skill, though; maybe you draw girls more because you tend to associate with/be inspired by female characters!

    Whoa, cool story idea! ^^

    O. M. T. That GIF totally just made me cry with laughter! Aha, that is SOO funny! ^^

    What are you talking about? O.K., now I DEFINITELY know that you can draw guys–that’s so cool! I love his shades! 8)

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