I have a MAJOR problem


I’m pretty sure… My teacher is kickin’ me out of Algebra 1 H. Why? We took a quiz last week, and I got 9/14. And I went to retake it today, and it was just awful. I was banging my fist on the table, and I didn’t notice it was so loud. But she noticed. And so, she called me over. Do you guys just feel… Weird… When the teacher is correcting your quiz in front of you? Especially when they mark them wrong? I mean, it’d be a LOT less awkward if she only corrected it and said “You got a 0/7.” But NO, they have to EXPLAIN it to you, and then they get frustrated when you don’t understand. She just stared at me. I mixed up my x’s for my y’s, and 5’s for my 2’s and everything. I HATE GRAPHING! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEERRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH

Please. Anybody out there, who’s done graphing. If you know all this about x intercepts and y intercepts and slopes and linear equations and functions… PLEASE HELP ME.


It’s just not fair. How will you use it in real life? Actually, you know what? Don’t answer that.

I just… Blegh. I guess I feel kinda guilty for cheating on homework, but I’m just too lazy to do it, but if I tell myself to do it, I just won’t, I just won’t, I mean, I seriously try to work at home, but I won’t…

D: Snape is dying right now! Be right back…

Okay, back. Snape’s memories… *crying*


Anyway, please, math, help. And what’s this about a negative sign? About how you can’t drop a negative sign? UUUGGGGHHH I HAVE A TEST NEXT WEEK. I know I’ll flunkie.



6 thoughts on “I have a MAJOR problem

  1. The minute I get my computer back I’ll help you.

    Pfft. I need a new one. Mine’s freakin broken. ITS A PRETTY USELESS BRICK RIGHT NOW

  2. I can help you, I’m taking Algebra I right now. I’m only in seventh grade though, so I might not be a good teacher…

  3. Oh gosh. You people are so smart! Well, Nevada IS a dumb state. I guess youguys would take Algebra in seventh. It’s just, I’m in eigth, and Algebra kids are supposed to be “smart”. But I feel so tupid compared to you guys! Okay, can you explain, er… Well, I don’t know really. D:

  4. I’ve only done Pre Algebra in 7th Grade Math. I’ve taken a bit of graphing like finding points and determining which direction a slope goes or how much it rose/fell.

    I’m pretty sure we don’t get any actual Algebra until High School and I’m not a math genius like my sister.

  5. I don’t know if I’m the best person to come to for math help ^^” But I know you’ll make your grade back, and I’m sure your teacher sees your brilliance! She won’t kick you out, I’m sure of it! ^^

    And you aren’t stupid, Super Thunder! Never, EVER think you are stupid! ^^

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