That Awkward Moment when you realize there’s a LOT of awkward stuff

List of awkward stuff:

  • My mom went to the store and accidentally got me Cheeto Puffs and not normal Cheetos
  • I realized one of my remarks to my teacher might have been mean. It was on this website, this FB wannabe, for “ed purposes”
  • Me and this particular teacher have always had a… rocky relationship. I thought we were friends again, but I kinda messes it up
  • I told her she needed to see a psychologist. Looking back on it, it might have been a bit… uncalled for. Besides, psychologists scare me!
  • I don’t know how to spell “embarrassed”
  • Bungee jumping costs 80$ in Las Vegas
  • And to think in South America, it costed 1$
  • But I already bungee jumped at South America twice, so I’m like “IN YOUR FACE, LAS VEGAS!”
  • Today is not Friday D:
  • I have a C in math. Stupid warm ups
  • My spelling has steadily gotten worse D:
  • I’m pretty sure my progress on the MAZE (I dunno what it stands for, but checks our reading progress) showed a line slowly going up for the first month, then dropping like a 180 degree bungee jumper who’s not comin’ back up
  • Lacrosse Balls are evil
  • Purple hair would look awesome on me. I remember when I had it
  • The neighbor’s dog is out to get me
  • Either that, or I have Paranoia
  • Bulimics aren’t so crazy
  • Throwing up after eating really DOES make you skinny
  • I’m not bulimic though, no
  • I just discovered that after throwing up for three days straight I lost 7 POUNDS
  • D: I’m out of cheeto Puffs
  • AND it’s 9:35 my time, I promised my mama I’d get off by now
  • So bye!

^awkward stuff


3 thoughts on “That Awkward Moment when you realize there’s a LOT of awkward stuff

  1. Oh, wow
    Aw. I hope you make up!
    Wow that was very kind…
    I don’t know how to spell lots of things!
    Hhaha! You got a good deal!
    I know..
    It is OK always room for improvement!
    oh dear.
    But I like lacrosse. -.-
    Wow purple hair sounds really awesome! I wish I had BLUE hair!!
    Oh yea there are these creepy mini dogs where I live.
    What is bulmic?

  2. Eeee! Nuu, not yucky store brands! :c

    FB wannabe, lulz! XD

    Aw, I’m sorry! D: I hope she doesn’t wield her superior “teacher privileges”

    Indeed, they scare me as well. T__T

    It’s okay, I spell ‘decision’ and ‘yield’ wrong ALL the time! ^^;

    Whoa! D:

    Ah, that’s pretty cheap! I’d love to go bungee jumping! ^^

    Indeed, in its face! T__T

    *turns off Rebecca Black* :c

    Don’t feel bad, it’s a tough subject!

    I sowwy!

    Ha, I love your comparison! XD

    Indeed, I hope you’re all right now!

    I remember when I had blue hair for like, an hour! It’s always fun to feel colorful! 😀


    I’m sure you don’t!

    Ee, I really hope you get better soon! 😦



  3. Cheeto Puffs? Not Cheetos? AAAARGH! (skiis)

    Oh, no! I’m sure you didn’t come across as rude! I hope your teacher understood!

    Maybe your teacher DOES like you–maybe she just feels like treating you like a friend would open up the opportunity or people to be rude to her!

    $80!? Sheesh!

    Haha, you show them! ^^ Bungee jumping sounds fantastic! I’ve never been, but it sounds SUPER cool! ^^

    As of today, yesterday was Friday! ^^

    OMT. Purple hair? That would be brilliant! ^^

    Please don’t get an eating disorder! TT_TT If you did, I would literally die!

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