2011 WTR Secret Santa Gift Exchange

Sign ups closed!

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This is the sign up sheet for the first ever WTR Secret Santa gift exchange.

If you are confused on what’s going on, go here.

If you’re interested in joining, that’s great! Just sign up here, please! Please make sure to read the rules as well. Sometimes I’m really absentminded and might forget some things, so be sure to check frequently and see if I’ve updated them.

(Sorry if you guys think it’s too early! ^^; I just wanted to give everyone a chance, just in case you all have a procrastinator nature like I. Also because there’s another project or two going on right now some of you might be doing. Sorry I organize too many things…^^;)


  1. Your gift can be anything at all– a drawing, a story, anything that can be send over the internet.
  2. The gift exchange will remain anonymous for a while until names will be revealed, as voted on by you guys. If you’d prefer to remain anonymous the entire time, please mention this. However, there needs to be an even number of people wishing to be anonymous. So far: 3 people
  1. Please don’t sign up unless you’re absolutely sure you’ll be able to do it– I don’t mean to exclude anyone, but I also don’t want to make anyone upset because they never got their gift. 😦
  2. The deadline to sign up is November 30th. I’m afraid if you’re any later, there’s a good chance you won’t be able to participate as I’ll have probably sent out the assignments.
  3. The deadline to submit your gift to me (via my email) is December 23rd.
  4. It’s Secret Santa, so no telling anyone at all who you got! Not even someone outside of the Secret Santa or someone you didn’t get. 😉

Form (feel free to either comment or email me)

Name you’d like to be used:
Email you’d like to be used:
Any questions?:
Remain anonymous?:
(to the person who gets you) Requests/Surprise Me?:

Secret Santas So Far (if you emailed me instead, I am assuming you don’t wish to be listed– please correct me if this is the case! ^^)

  • Blake
  • Randy
  • Super Thunder
  • BatCat
  • Phoenix
  • Ana
  • Panda
  • Brave Tomato
  • Grant
  • Loud Shark

Thank you!


19 thoughts on “2011 WTR Secret Santa Gift Exchange

  1. Name: Super Thunder/ST2 (I go by a lot of names)
    Email: The WTR one is okay
    Questions: Yeah, I can’t use my camera because I killed it, so is it okay if I do some poem, story thingy or something? Or edit their pic on Paint or something?
    Remain Anonymous: Probably at first, but might reveal later who I am
    Requests/Surprise Me: Surprise Me

  2. Name you’d like to be used: BatCat
    Email you’d like to be used: You know the email. My Gmail one.
    Any questions?: Nopeeeee.
    Remain anonymous?: YESSSSSSS
    (to the person who gets you) Requests/Surprise Me?: Surprise me! But along with this, I think we should add what we like. Say colors or phrases/books.

    Greeeeeeen black red blue silver gray ORANGE.

  3. Name: Phoenix
    Email: the gmail. I’d rather not annouce it, but it’s the one I use.
    ANONYMOUS for sure.
    Surprise me

  4. Name: Panda

    Email: My WTR one. I’d rather not say it ever since I got a mountain of phishing scam emails. xD

    Anonymous: Yes. But I was thinking that a day after the exchanging of gifts the names could be revealed.

    Requests/Surprise Me: Surprise me! But like BatCat, I’m going to add what I like. 😀

    light blue fantasy stories dragons the sky paramore music art drawings color


  5. Name you’d like to be used:Grantm56
    Email you’d like to be used:Grantm56@gmail.com
    Any questions?: Have any gift suggestions?
    Remain anonymous?: Until Afterwards! 😉
    (to the person who gets you) Requests/Surprise Me?: Surprise Me!

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