Super Glue – Chapter Two

I’m sitting in a room
Made up of big only big white walls and in the halls
There are people looking through
The window in the door
They know exactly what we’re here for 

C dropped the camera in the sand. The small light disappeared.

“Who are you?” C demanded shakily.

“Ari Littleton,” Ari said calmly. She’d have to treat the newbie carefully, as if she was approaching a bird who could fly away suddenly.

C picked up her camera, set it to video function and turned the flash on. She pointed the bright light at the stranger and saw a girl with long, crimson hair and dark blue eyes – windows to a friendly soul.

“Can I have your name?” Ari asked quietly, still doing the bird approach.

“I-I don’t know my name,” C stammered. “I don’t remember it.” She backed away, frightened and not knowing what this person on a deserted beach at night would to her. She looked up at the stars and then back at Ari, whose face was illuminated by the harsh light of the camera’s flash.

“Would it happen to start with C?” Ari asked, rubbing her goosebump-covered arms. She stood on the beach with the scared newbie, the wind blowing their hair towards to the sea.

C nodded and backed away some more.

“I’m pretty sure your name is Carson, then. Carson Campbell,” Ari said.

Ari scowled in her mind at Connor again, realising he’d made Carson lose most of her memory.

The name kick-started Carson’s memory. All her memories came back tumbling back to her like a runaway train.

She was fifteen and orphaned. Carson recalled being in an orphanage before looking at herself in a mirror and seeing a great aura of white light around her. Carson had no one to come back to the orphanage for. No friends, no relatives, no one.

“The name rings a bell, huh?” Ari laughed, looking at Carson’s surprised expression.

“Yeah…” Carson said, staring into seemingly nothing. She remembered screaming when she saw the aura. “Yeah, it does.”

Connor slapped a tree angrily, not wanting to risk the pain of punching a tree. His mind couldn’t see the top of the trees anymore – he drew a blank. A big, black blank, no longer showing the birds-eye view of the woods, even though he was beneath the trees. He knew he should have taken a quick glance at the way to the beach. But no, he didn’t, and therefore his mind couldn’t see above the trees.

“Idiot,” Connor said to himself quietly. He wasn’t usually like this, but then again, he wasn’t usually careless.

Connor’s mouth widened into a grin when he saw a small light about five metres away. It was probably Ari, but he’d have to find out first.

He crept towards the light slowly and stopped when he felt sand hugging his toes. The beach.

Connor hid behind a tree and quickly ran from tree to tree, eavesdropping on the conversation between what sounded like two girls. Probably Ari and the newbie, but he had to make sure.

Ari and Carson walked along the beach, Carson’s flash pointing at the ground.

Carson was the first to break their five minute long silence, her skull crammed with questions. But she could only say a few because some of the questions Carson didn’t even understand.

“Where are we?” Carson said, brushing her whipping hair out of her face.

“I don’t know,” Ari admitted. “Some island off the east coast of the US.”

“And how did you know my name?” Carson asked suspiciously.

Ari stopped suddenly. She walked in front of Carson.

“I guess I should explain,” Ari sighed, as if she’d been avoiding it the whole time. Which she had. “I’m part of a group called Super Glue,” Ari started. “And in it there’s me, Dakota-”

“And Connor,” a boy suddenly said. Carson jumped with fright and illuminated his face with the camera. He had chocolate side-swept bangs and dark green eyes, imaginative and eager.

Connor grinned and spread his hands. “Carson Campbell, welcome to Super Glue.”

“She’s not in it yet,” Ari hissed. “That’s Connor,” she said to Carson.

“Carson, you’ve got the whole alliteration thing going, you know? I used to know a girl named Jenny Jane Johnson. Crazy, huh? And my name is Connor Clark, so…” He saw Carson’s blank look and shut off smalltalk mode.

“Whatever,” Ari laughed. “Connor will explain about Super Glue.”

“Super Glue is a group consisting of people with… gifts, if you will. But not ordinary gifts – Ari can create and control wind. And we wander the country protecting everyone from threats they don’t even know about. We’re secret heroes,” Connor said, overusing hand actions.

Carson looked serious for a second. Then she burst out in fits of laughter, despite her fear of the two strangers. The camera dropped to the ground. Carson clutched her sides as she giggled into the wind.

Ari looked at Connor, giving him a visual sigh. The reaction had been expected. While Carson hooted away the air in her lungs, Ari whispered to Connor.

“Where’s Dakota?” Ari asked.

“I don’t know, but if anything threatened her, she’d probably just play her flute and make it sleep,” Connor said. “Aerial search after we make Carson believe us, ‘kay?”

Ari nodded and turned back to the red-faced Carson, who was snorting away.

Ari rolled her arms like a washing machine, rising them higher, bit by bit. Carson didn’t even notice as Ari separated her arms and pointed at the sky, her face determined. She brought down her arms suddenly, moving them in a unique way. A gust of wind became attracted to her hands, like metal to a magnet. Ari threw her hands at Carson.

Carson was knocked over by the sudden force of the wind. Her laughing stopped immediately and she gazed up at Ari, who had wind moving extremely fast around her finger.

“Need any more proof?” Ari said, her face quite friendly.

Carson shook her head and got up, brushing the sand off of her bottom. She had enough proof.

“Great,” Connor said. “Let’s go.”

Author’s Note: I know, I copied some lines from the old version of SG. And sorry this chapter is worse than the first. D:


2 thoughts on “Super Glue – Chapter Two

  1. Hey, this chapter isn’t bad. It’s great. And I copied some of the old lines of Camile’s story for the new version.

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