Happy 11.11.11

First, happy 11-11-11!

Second, happy Veteran’s Day!

Third, happy birthday to my sister! ^^

11-11-11 makes me slightly sad! D: Never again shall I live through a single number like this, again! I’ve scheduled another post set for 11:11 PM tonight though, just like the one I scheduled that posted this morning at 11:11 AM, so WTR can be double magically 11~ 😀

Anyway, today in Language we were taking a test and someone’s like, “IT’S 11:11!” so we all turn around and take a look at the clock, and it’s 11:12-11:13.

Talk about disappointing!

Anyway, this sparked a conversation about 11/11/11, and I turned to the guy who sits next to me, AJ, and he’s like, “At least there’s 12/12/12,” and I say (Miss Negative here) “Yeah, but that’s two seperate digits, 1 and 2, not like 11/11/11 while it’s one digit.”

AJ: Well, then there’s always 22/22/22!
Me: *neglects to mention that there’s no 22nd month*

Hmm…I guess it’s a random post about 11/11/11. But still, wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

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