;-; :D

Reason for title?
Um, bruh…I don’t really know.
So, on Halloween at my school I went as Link and everyone called me an elf.
😐 These kids really need glasses.
So when I went trick or treating…
Peter Pan, Keebler Elf, Elf, Zelda (Well at least they got some of that right) and only one person got it right. I started crying tears of joy when she said that.
So…the awesome part is that…
I am dying of Z.A.S (Zelda Anticipation Syndrome)
Next, since the holidays are coming up…
I’m giving everyone what they want! (But It’s just gonna be a drawing.)
Just comment and I will work on it..
I’ve also taken too many nostalgia vitamins.
Watch The Awesome Series! It’s awesome 🙂
Oh and watch this video one of the kids in my class made:

Sadly he didn’t make a movie. 😦


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