Super Glue – Chapter One

I am going away for a while
I’ll be back don’t try and follow me
I’ll return as soon as possible
See I’m trying to find my place
It might not be here where I feel safe

The girl rolled onto her back, letting soft, warm sand sift through her aching fingers. She inhaled in short, rasping breaths, coughing up water every few seconds. Her body was covered in the sand of the beach, the heels of her pale feet floating in the salt water.

She opened her weary eyes, looking up at the dark blue sky. It was almost night.

The girl rolled over again, coughing up more water. She gazed forwards, attempting to lift her head but failed and flopped her head on the ground, still looking ahead. She saw a metre of sand, and then trees. Lots of them. Dark, mysterious and tangled trees, not letting the girl view what was ahead. She thought that there would probably be more and more, stretching forever.

The girl coughed up the last of water in her lungs, spitting out salt which sat on her tongue, and got to her knees. She rested briefly on the soft sand and then, weakly and slowly, stood up, shoulders drooping.

The girl rubbed her bright blue eyes and struggled to remember her name. It was something starting with C. Carly, perhaps? Maybe Ciara. Whatever it was, she didn’t know and didn’t expect to be able to remember any time soon. She decided to call herself C.

C stared out at the open sea, sparkling under the moon. It was beautiful, and if C was comfortable there and knew where she was, she would have enjoyed the moment.

She scanned the sand behind her and saw a black backpack, the front smothered in badges. C examined it carefully. The badges said useless things like, “Peace to the East,” and “I Have Honour.” One also said, “C,” which wasn’t very helpful.

Inside the backpack was a violin, a camera and two small peaches which looked like they had been picked recently. C bit passionately into the juicy fruit, savouring the sweetness.

After she finished the peach, C turned in a circle and fully realised the truth. It was a horrible truth, one she wished she didn’t know.

She was alone. And cold. And she had no idea in the world where she was.

Ari scowled at the darkening sky. She scowled at the twig and leaf covered floor. And she scowled at Connor’s carelessness.

Where was Connor anyway? Ari wondered as she walked, breathing heavily, through the mass of woods. She wasn’t that scared of being alone the woods alone at night, but she did wish she knew where Connor was, along with Dakota.

She found it hard to peer through the gloom and see actual shapes. A soft mist hung in the air, wrapping around Ari and the trees.

Ari sent a gust of wind her way to blow away the mist. She could see a little clearer and walked faster. The wind had also cooled Ari down.

The moon spied on Ari as she power-walked through the woods, following her tiny compass. The teen would have stopped to take photos of the starlit night if finding the new recruit wasn’t of utmost importance.

She had to find the newbie. She just had to. And she’d have to find Connor and Dakota.

“I’m going to find the three,” Ari quietly assured herself. “I’m going to…”

C sighed and dropped the backpack on the ground. She searched the camera’s memory card and found a single picture of a girl with shining black hair, the brightest blue eyes and average complexion, freckles scattered here and there.

C quickly took a picture of herself with the flash on and viewed it. She was looking at the same person.

Now she knew what she looked like. C thought that maybe if she played the violin it might jog her memory.

She picked up the violin, feeling the smooth, cool surface of the elegant instrument. C played whatever she felt like, but no memories came to her. Although, she did find herself playing a beautiful song without knowing it, and the song sounded quite familiar.

C dumped the violin back in the backpack, slung the backpack over her shoulders and started to walk. Her stomach grumbled, pleading for food. C shut out the thought of her empty stomach and decided to follow the coast. She could find a break in the trees where there was civilisation, and they would help her remember things and get her home.

She walked very slowly, her bare feet digging into the sand. The small waves lapped calmly at the sand. It was extremely dark and C knew she’d have to use her camera as a light soon.

C looked up at the sky, begging for hope. Though who she begged to, she didn’t know.

Ari saw a light. A small light, one the size of pinprick. It was now pitch black and Ari could only see that tiny light as she held her arms in front of her to avoid smacking her face into anything.

Ari followed the light eagerly. The air snapped with excitement. It crackled with anticipation, popped with delight.

That light raised her hopes and knew it would be her only hope until dawn.

Ari reached a gap in the trees and stepped onto what felt like sand. Her flip-flops had broken two minutes before.

I’m on the beach, Ari thought to herself happily.

Connor groaned.

He sat on the stick-coated ground, leaning against a rough tree. He had his face buried in his hands, frustrated and annoyed.

Ari had told him to be careful when he was summoning the new recruit. And where did he put the new girl? Ten metres from the shore in the freezing sea.

And now there he was, lost and wishing his summoning powers worked on people like him.

Connor closed his eyes and stood up, letting his senses wander over the trees. In his mind, he saw the tops of evergreen trees and shrubs. And he saw the beach.

“Time to walk,” Connor sighed.

Ari followed the light, which was ahead of Ari and moving the same speed as her. Ari knew she was too tired to run and instead risked a lot by calling out.

“Excuse me,” Ari yelled.

C swiveled around in fright.

Author’s Note: I apologise for the inconvenience of me starting Super Glue again. I just felt it wasn’t going the way I wanted. Oh, and, like Rainfall, I’m sorry for jumping around quite a bit.

The lyrics came from Misguided Ghosts by Paramore. I listen to it when I sleep, lol. And, omigosh, I wish Hello Hello wasn’t just a demo! IT’S ONE OF MY FAVOURITES AND I CAN’T BUY EET. T_T

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